Saltpare made from oats similar to this home, understand how

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Today we will inform you the dish of salted oats made from oats that are not just healthier but also taste more crispy and crispy than good flour sodium dinner. And a good thing is these saltparts could be saved and consumed for a number of times. And it is extremely simple to make it home. So what exactly is the wait, tell us about its quick dish with us. <! –


Material required:

Flour – 30 grms
Oats Powder – 20 grms
Refined oil-5 ml
Water – as required
Salt – depending on taste
Celery – tiny bit

recipe:To make Oats Saltpare, very first combine roasted oats dust and flour really in a dish. After this, combine oil, sodium and celery on it. Then add water to it and knead the combination really. Leave the bread similar to this for some time, then make a dough like a dough and make it level. After this slice it to the model of saltpeter. If you prefer, it is possible to reduce it in every measurements of your decision. Then smooth the cooking tray gently and keep consitently the sliced up ​​pieces on it. The tray needs to be greased so that the sliced saltpeter doesn’t stick. After this, fry all of them for 5-10 moments. Your tasty, crispy and healthier sodium is prepared. You can shop it after trying to cool off.

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