Sana Khaan on her breakup with Melvin Louis: 'I’m glad I caught him red-handed'

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Sana Khaan on her breakup with Melvin Louis& 

Sana Khaan is one diva who would not maintain it again. The second the actress known as it quits with well-liked choreographer Melvin Louis, she has been trustworthy along with her followers about what all occurred and the way it has been for her since then. In a latest Instagram session, she opened up about the difficulty as soon as once more and revealed that it was not that simple.

To these unaware, Sana had alleged that Melvin had cheated on her a number of occasions and was even caught red-handed. During the session, she opened on that incident and revealed that for her, it isn’t solely unhealthy that she noticed it occur.

“I am glad that the thing happened, I am glad that I caught people red-handed and I saw it. It was not like I heard it from someone, that gave me peace. If I had not seen it happening with my own eyes, if I had just been listening to things, it would have been tough. You know the mind is divided when you hear things, that maybe that didn’t happen, but when you see it you are like thank God, God showed me this. I think that was very very important.”

Sana additionally centered on the truth that girls are very sturdy and they’re able to something. Sana addressed the difficulty of individuals speaking negatively about issues.

“There are people who are fake with you, there are people who are paid people, there are people who have messages that come from their own fake IDs. They might even have 20 fake IDs of their own and they message to themselves and reply to themselves and that it is a great talent I must say. Apart from that, we should be happy and be okay with being a fool, being vulnerable. It is okay, some has hurt me, cause me pain, I am glad that I am not the one causing heartaches to people.”

She ended the dialogue by saying that ultimately, karma is there.

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