Scientists prepared this new thing for contraception

by Patricia Lin
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Contraceptive pills also have many side effects, although scientists have designed a contraceptive bandage option that will protect against unwanted pregnancy after application on the skin. These contraceptive bandages can prove to be very effective.

Scientists have designed a contraceptive patch that will work just like birth control pills. <! –

                 This bandage will be affixed to the skin, after which it will slowly release a contraceptive drug through the skin for 30 days. This drug will be transported inside the skin with the help of a patch with small needles. This bandage can be applied on the skin of the hand.

This bandage experiment was first used on mice and was successful. Then this experiment was carried out on 10 women and the result was positive.

Apart from this, the researchers said that this contraceptive patch is best for women who are tired of taking medicines.

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