‘Selling Sunset’: The Oppenheim Group Office Is a ‘Dysfunctional’ Workplace, Expert Says

by Jeremy Spirogis
Selling Sunset

Netflix’s Selling Sunset premiered in 2019 and has since attracted quite a few followers. The present follows a bunch of actual property brokers on the Oppenheim Group brokerage in Los Angeles as they promote luxurious homes whereas navigating private issues.

Viewers have probably additionally grow to be aware of the Oppenheim Group workplace, which appears to foster a close-knit atmosphere between the brokers. However, a office professional is now criticizing the brokerage for being “dysfunctional” and never having sufficient “boundaries” between coworkers.

Selling Sunset
Selling Sunset | Netflix

‘Selling Sunset’ showcases actual property brokers’ skilled and private lives

Selling Sunset spends loads of time exhibiting how the actual property brokers at Oppenheim Group promote costly homes to varied patrons. However, it’s not all skilled. The brokers additionally showcase their private lives on the sequence and focus on them with their coworkers as effectively.

For instance, on the Oppenheim Group workplace, the brokers can usually be seen speaking about their personal issues, resembling their relationship lives, breakups, weddings, and divorces.

Expert says some dialog matters on the present are ‘not OK’ for work

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Vice not too long ago posted an article exploring the difficulty of Selling Sunset solid members and their private talks on the workplace. The outlet spoke to Alison Green from the web site Ask A Manager, and based on Green, the brokers on the present do veer into the territory of speaking about issues which can be “not OK” for work.

Vice identified one dialog during which Heather Rae Young and some colleagues discussed “growing a bush.” Green stated, “Working in an environment with a lot of racy talk can really skew your sense of norms about what is and isn’t okay for work.”

Green defined, “If everyone around you is talking about boobs and bushes, it’s easy to start feeling like it must be OK. But no, this isn’t OK for work! That’s because at work there’s no way to know for sure that everyone around you is comfortable with sexualized conversation. People won’t always speak up if they’re not, because they don’t want to create awkwardness in the place they depend on for their income.”

Additionally, Green identified the potential for sexual harassment to happen in such an atmosphere.

The Oppenheim Group workplace has additionally been described as ‘dysfunctional’

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Green even went so far as to explain the Oppenheim Group workplace as being “dysfunctional” and criticize Jason Oppenheim’s frequent utilization of the phrase “family” to explain his firm.

“Ahhhh, the ‘we’re like a family’ trope, used to justify dysfunctional workplaces everywhere,” Green advised Vice. “’We’re like a family’ is often a flag for dysfunction; it frequently means boundaries get violated and employees are expected to be loyal to the company over their own interests (for example, working long hours for low pay and accepting bad management because ‘family’).”

She additionally criticized the corporate tradition due to the quite a few cases the place the actual property brokers could be impolite to 1 one other with out intervention from their bosses.

Speaking about Davina Potratz’ harsh phrases to Chrishell Stause following Stause’s divorce, Green stated, “Ideally, Chrishell would have a manager who created a work culture where cruel behavior like this couldn’t get a foothold. There are offices where meanness is so out of sync with the culture that Davina would have been quickly shut down… She’d need to decide if she can work there reasonably happily knowing this likely won’t change.”

Of course, it is usually vital to keep in mind that Selling Sunset is a actuality present. Whether the Oppenheim Group workplace is actually like how it’s portrayed on Netflix might be not one thing most viewers will be capable of see.

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