‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran Says Having A Work-Life Balance Is A Myth

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘Shark Tank’s’ Barbara Corcoran Says Having A Work-Life Balance Is A Myth

Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s Shark Tank is aware of a lot concerning the balancing act. Between her actual property empire, actuality present, numerous appearances at occasions, and household life together with her husband and two youngsters, Corcoran has a full plate.

Over the years, the Shark Tank star has expressed that having the proper steadiness between work and house is unattainable. She has realized to take a special tack when striving for a fair keel between her household and profession.

“Shark Tank’s” Barbara Corcoran | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television

Motherhood required a change

Corcoran famously constructed her actual property empire from the bottom up with a $1,000 mortgage, later promoting it for $66 million in 2001, in line with CNBC. When she launched her firm, Corcoran discovered that being in cost got here naturally. “I took to management like a duck to water,” she mentioned. “It was in my blood.” 

Now the mom of two youngsters – Tom, 25, and Katie, 14 – Corcoran beforehand shared that the delivery of her son and necessities of motherhood motivated her to promote The Corcoran Group.

“All my top salespeople [at the Corcoran Group] were nut jobs and I was their mother and their shrink. They needed me constantly. The moment I had my son, I realized I couldn’t be the best at both,” she informed The Cut in 2018. “I had an infant, and I was breastfeeding, and I was 46, so I was an old mom. I started thinking, how do I exit?”

Corcoran shared that if she hadn’t had youngsters later in life, she wouldn’t have had the chance to launch her empire. “You know in hindsight, if I were to have had children earlier, I could have never built the Corcoran Group. You’re too divided,” she mentioned. “I put 500 percent into my salespeople; they were the queens and kings of the universe… I adored them, and they adored me back, and that’s why we did so well in the end. But once my son entered the equation, I knew I couldn’t do both.”

An unattainable aim

Previously protecting the subject of the ever-elusive work-life steadiness on her iHeartRadio podcast, “Business Unusual,” Corcoran said that she doesn’t assume it’s one thing doable to achieve. “It just doesn’t exist,” she mentioned of the thought, in line with CNBC. “I searched for it for the first 40 years of my life and then gave up — and I’m a lot happier for it.”

The actuality star feels the wants on the work and residential entrance will be too tough to fulfill on a constant foundation with out ultimately falling behind on one aspect.

“It’s like chasing the holy grail,” she mentioned. “How do you feel a sense of control, like you’re not drawn out and split? You have your family at home … [and] you have your family at work — your colleagues, the people that report to you — you want to take care of them [all].”

The artwork of compartmentalizing

Despite her demanding schedule each personally and professionally, Corcoran ultimately found what works finest for her. “I found that the best way to juggle the responsibilities was to clearly divide my attention and time between work and home,” she mentioned. “So when I’m at work, my husband Bill wouldn’t dare call me and the kids don’t call unless they’re dying.”

The similar rule applies to her colleagues for when she walks in her entrance door at house. “Phones and emails today are huge distractions,” Corcoran mentioned. “And so when I walk into my home I plug my phone into the hallway and don’t touch it until I’m walking out the door in the morning. I give my kids and husband 150 percent of my time then.”

Though the actual property mogul has discovered success on this technique, she admits it’s by no means good and her technique could not work for everybody. Now with a teenage daughter at house, Corcoran sees how tough being a working mother is in today’s fast-paced skilled local weather.

“It’s much harder. Here I am again, in business for myself and even worse, being the talent — so I’m the salesman and the manager, and I have a young daughter,” she mentioned. “I never feel like I’m doing enough for her. I second-guess myself every day of the week.”

The Shark Tank investor realized that wherever she is, that’s the place her power and focus have to be given. “I’m out to grow two strong children and a business that makes a difference and is hugely profitable,” Corcoran defined. “Now that I know that work-life balance will never exist because they both pull on the same person for attention — me — I strive to be 100 percent present with my family and friends when I’m with them and 100 percent present when I’m hustling at work.”

Corcoran’s technique is unquestionably value giving a strive!

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