‘Shark Tank’s’ Mark Cuban Says This Is The Biggest Mistake People Make on Social Media

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘Shark Tank’s’ Mark Cuban Says This Is The Biggest Mistake People Make on Social Media

Mark Cuban of ABC’s Shark Tank is a genuine business icon. With a list of credits such as working a tech kingdom, possessing an NBA group, creating movies, and dealing using one of today’s finest reality programs, the billionaire seems himself as a captain of business.

The Shark Tank star formerly provided their ideas on what folks should prevent performing on social networking.

“Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Tony Rivetti

24/7 worker

Cuban is a genuine grinder with regards to work. “My days are right from the movie Groundhog Day. I awaken, check always my mail, development feeds and consume. We kiss my spouse and young ones, to get all of them to college,” he told Entrepreneur in 2012. “I come home and get back in front of my computer. I’ll go workout. I’ll play with the kids when they come home. Then I’ll sit in front of my computer some more. If there is a Mavs game I check my email at breaks and go to my computer at halftime. After the game, I do the same thing until I go to bed.”

The truth star has constantly stressed the necessity of pressing the boundaries regarding working if you wish to be successful. “It’s not about money or connections — it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business,” Cuban explained. “And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time.”

Often emphasizing to business owners going into the container that when they need their financial investment, Cuban wants to understand they’ll place in enough time since he views laziness as a predecessor to failure. Talking to YouTube channel Valuetainment in 2015, Cuban stated that the top explanation individuals fail in business is “lack of brains [and] not enough work. They don’t do the work,” he said.

Getting social

Cuban can be well-versed when you look at the benefits and drawbacks of social networking. While today’s many systems is instrumental in promoting a business or brand name, you will find demonstrably some downfalls regarding publishing. The Shark Tank trader designated one blunder individuals frequently make regarding their particular personal stations.

“[People] allow their particular articles stay permanently,” Cuban informed Inc. in 2014 since the biggest mistake made on social networking. “Every person you follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook… every person you retweet, repin, repost, renote, regram on social media defines who you are. And there are applications now that are collecting every bit of that and creating profiles about you and anticipating what you’re going to do next.”

Cuban warned that the cumulation of articles tend to be for community usage can follow people in their whole everyday lives. “By what you do on social media, you are creating a profile about yourself,” he stated. “And that is going to be used, not just by online companies, but that’s going to be used in every walk of life.”

Think before you text

Cuban additionally alerts folks of the risks of texting, and advises putting thought into each message prior to hitting the ‘send’ switch. “When you send a text… the minute you hit ‘send’ you lose ownership of that text,” Cuban stated. “Whoever you send it to now owns that text. They can add whatever context, whatever commentary, whatever feedback or other information or video or pictures around it to create whatever image or picture or message they want to communicate about you. You have zero control over it.”

Overall, Cuban stresses the necessity of thinking before publishing, being discerning using what will be create in to the cybersphere. Even articles that will appear innocuous towards the writer should get an extra once-over before hitting ‘publish’ or ‘send’ considering that the message can last longer than users may understand.

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