‘Sister Wives’: Do Meri and Kody Live Together? The Couple Gets Real About Their Relationship

by Jeremy Spirogis
Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown

Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage has been noticeably strained not too long ago for a lot of causes. Their relationship of almost 20 years has been nothing wanting difficult.

The Sister Wives stars first opened up about their issues with jealousy after Kody, a polygamist and fundamentalist Mormon, married his fourth spouse Robyn Brown. Next, Kody and his first spouse legally divorced in 2015 so Kody might undertake Robyn’s three children from a earlier marriage.

Around the identical time, Meri, who struggled with infertility for years, grew to become an empty nester after her solely daughter, Mariah Brown, moved away for faculty. Meanwhile, Kody refused to pursue different strategies like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to have a second youngster with Meri.

Hoping for extra consideration and feeling remoted from the remainder of the Brown household, Meri had an emotional affair with a web-based catfish, a girl posing as a person. Meri’s catfishing scandal gave the impression to be the nail within the coffin for the remaining belief in Meri and Kody’s marriage. 

Although the Sister Wives couple remains to be collectively, they’re nonetheless struggling to belief each other. Meri and Kody opened up on the Jan. 12 episode, “Lonely in Flagstaff,” in regards to the present actuality of their relationship. 

Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown
Robyn, Meri, Kody, Christine, and Janelle Brown | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kody’s first spouse admitted to wanting what her sister wives have with him

On Sister Wives, Meri mentioned she usually struggled with the ache of wanting extra from Kody that he was prepared to present her. 

In specific, Kody’s first spouse mentioned she skilled jealousy when she watched him have extra optimistic relationships together with his different wives, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. 

“I think with the climate of mine and Kody’s relationship, I see the relationship that he has with Janelle and Christine and Robyn. You know, why they’re not always perfect all the time, it’s something that I want to have,” Meri defined. 

She started to cry as she admitted, “And so, when we’re all there in the cul-de-sac, and I would see those relationships, it was hard.”

Meri and Kody opened up about their marital struggles

In a candid interview on the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody mentioned he and Meri had been starting their relationship anew with child steps after contemplating separation and divorce. “Meri and I are pretty much just starting our relationship over, in a way,” he defined.

In the previous, Kody has explicitly mentioned he and Meri are “family,” however that he “does not have a romantic relationship with Meri” and doesn’t know if he needs one sooner or later. At least for Kody, that’s nonetheless true.

“I mean, we’re not living together, but we do go out once in a while,” he confessed, confirming fan rumors that he now not spends nights together with his first spouse.

The ‘Sister Wives’ couple is just not certain the place they stand

In previous episodes, Kody mentioned he now not trusted Meri and didn’t really feel “emotionally safe.” His newest feedback point out he nonetheless feels the identical means. 

“I don’t know if we are really progressive,” the Sister Wives star advised TLC producers. “What I do like is that we’re taking the assignment from our family therapist, Nancy, and with curiosity and friendship, moving forward.”

Meri, in the meantime, is anxious for a deeper, romantic relationship with Kody. “Well, I hope that means, you know, that progress is being made. And I hope that progress will continue,” she mentioned. 

But the Sister Wives star is under no circumstances certain that that may really occur. “There are times, I’ll be honest with you, that I feel really hopeless about it, just because it’s not going at the speed that I want it to go, you know?” she confessed. “And it’s not where I…I feel like I need. But it’s where we are, and, you know, I’m just accepting that.”

Still, Kody and Meri at the very least nonetheless appear in a position to joke round with one another, which may very well be an excellent signal for the way forward for their marriage. 

Kody started to reply, “I might admit that it’s probably not going your speed because I’m very…” Meri minimize in to mimic a hen clucking. 

Meri’s husband denied her accusation, however her joke appeared to lighten the temper. “No. I’m not being a chicken. I’m being very deliberate. I’m not being a chicken,” Kody laughed good-naturedly. 

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