‘Sixteen Candles’: Long Duk Dong Originally Had a Love Scene Deleted From the Film

by Jeremy Spirogis
Long Duk Dong and Lumberjack reunite

Sixteen Candles is the story of Samantha (Molly Ringwald), an adolescent whose dad and mom neglect her 16th birthday. The basic John Hughes comedy is full of memorable characters like Samantha’s dreamboat Jake (Mike Schoeffling), the Geek (Anthony Michael Hall), Caroline (Haviland Morris) and overseas change pupil Long Duk Dong (Gedde Watanabe).

Long Duk Dong and Lumberjack reunite
Deborah Pollack and Gedde Watanabe | Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

It seems Dong had much more to do within the unique lower of Sixteen Candles. On the brand new Arrow Video Blu-ray version, Watanabe and costar Deborah Pollack, who performed Dong’s love curiosity, Lumberjack, reminisced concerning the movie and shared particulars about their deleted scenes. 

John Hughes shot extra ‘Sixteen Candles’ than a single movie had room for

Hughes was well-known for writing his teen films. His phrases have been gospel, however Pollack mentioned he would let his actors improvise. He wouldn’t at all times use it, however he’d movie it. 

“The interesting thing, and it also goes to show how brilliant John Hughes was, he let actors just go and he shot it,” Pollack mentioned. “He really shot loads of additional issues that by no means bought into the film, in any other case it might be Sixteen Candles, Seventeen Candles, Eighteen Candles.” 

A leftover from a deleted scene stays in ‘Sixteen Candles’

Sometimes deleted scenes depart souvenirs within the film. You would possibly discover Lumberjack and Dong drive as much as a home with a tray of meals connected to the window. That’s from a scene they filmed however didn’t find yourself in Sixteen Candles.

Sixteen Candles Blu-raySixteen Candles Blu-ray
Sixteen Candles Blu-ray | Arrow Video

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When we go to drop Molly Ringwald off at her home, why was that tray there? Because we went to that sizzling canine place in downtown Chicgao. We went to this sizzling canine stand. It was a giant dome and there have been sizzling canines dancing on prime of the roof. The Chicago metropolis police needed to maintain folks again as a result of there have been so many individuals that came upon we have been filming there that evening. We needed to be escorted from our trailers to the set. That was a enjoyable evening. We have been there all evening lengthy.

Deborah Pollack, Sixteen Candles Blu-ray

There’s no hint of Long Duk Dong and Lumberjack’s ‘Sixteen Candles’ love scene 

Sixteen Candles was rated PG, in order that they couldn’t present something specific. Still, the unique script had a love scene for Dong and Lumberjack. Pollack recollects the flowery means she lined up for the scene. 

[embedded content material]

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“I had never done anything like that,” Pollack mentioned. “My dear friend Haviland Morris, who played Caroline, actually was my shield. I had a bathrobe on and I had a body stalking on because it was supposed to look like we were naked. I think you had your white T-shirt on. Haviland was like shielding me from everybody. I would take off my bathrobe and Haviland would hold it so I could slide into the bed. That’s how Haviland adn I got to be very good friends.”

Long Duk Dong and Lumberjack had a 3rd visitor of their love scene

This love scene sounds so wacky, it’s a disgrace the scene itself doesn’t seem on the Blu-ray. However, Pollack’s recollection is mighty detailed and refreshed Watanabe’s reminiscence too.

“One of the funny scenes, do you remember, there was a scene where you and I were in bed,” Pollack mentioned. “We were in bed with the housekeeper of the big house and she’s speaking Spanish and you’re doing your thing. Were we smoking a joint? We were smoking cigarettes.”

Watanabe added, “Because we had our fling. Was it good for you?”

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