Sonbhadra's & # 039; Son hill & # 039; Mystery, know what’s the actual secret right here

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Sonbhadra: Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh is in dialogue these days because of the alleged large gold reserves. It is a special matter that the Geological Survey of India (GSI) has denied it, but it’s essential to go to the previous of the Son on which the rumor of sleeping on the hill originated. In Sonbhadra district, the saying of 'Sauna Mana Sona, Kona-Kona' may be very standard and this saying is instantly associated to Sone Pahari and Agori Fort.

In the forest of Agori village of Chopan improvement block of the district, the 'Agori fort' of tribal king Bal Shah remains to be current in a dilapidated situation. <! –

                 Legend among the many tribals right here is that in 711 AD, Kharwar was dominated by tribal king Bal Shah, who was attacked by the Chandela rulers.

In this assault, the defeated King Bal Shah took 100 mana (4 thousand kilograms) of his treasures and left the fort with the troopers and hid within the forest of the pari, alongside the Renu river, simply seven kilometers away from the fort by secret path and each nook of this hill. I hid that treasure and hid it myself.

Due to the tribal king hiding gold in each nook of this hill, it got here to be often called 'Son Pahadi' and since then the saying of 'hundred mana gold, corner-corner' additionally got here into vogue. Social activist Rameshwar Gond, who belongs to tribal society, says that when the Chandel ruler was reported to be hiding on this hill, together with the treasure of King Bal Shah, his military attacked right here too, however till then in a kho (cave) Hidden king Bal Shah had eaten wild animals and his spouse Rani Jurahi was captured by Chandel ruler and brought to the jungle of Jugail village and killed.

In the Jugail jungle, 'Jurahi Devi Temple' named after Rani Jurhi nonetheless exists. Gond says that on the similar time an individual of Kharwar caste acquired the battle armor and sword of King Bal Shah from the cave. The sword was offered to somebody, however their armor remains to be current in the home of a weed individual. It is believed that the treasure of King Bal Shah remains to be hidden within the Son hill.

Local journalist and environmental activist Jagat Narayan Vishwakarma says that the Agori fort of tribal king Bal Shah is now occupied by Raja Ornament Brahma Shah, a descendant of Chandelwanshi king, who lives in Rajpur in Sonbhadra district. He explains that within the greed of the treasury, the shepherds have surrounded the Agori fort. The archeology division additionally didn’t perceive the necessity to take the fort below safety.

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