Sports are not only meant to the players

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Pakistan (Sahiwal Tv – December 3, 2019 – Ahsan Ali Physical Instructor) Many people think that if you take part in  sports at a professional level only then should continue.

It does not matter at the personal level too, it is absolutely wrong to think that sports are only meant to the players. Today I am going to tell you that if you start sports at the personal level you can improve your life. Here is how.

If you are participating in sports, it teaches you to be disciplined in life

Sports teaches you to respect others

Sports activities teach us the best use of leisure hours. For example, if a man graduates, instead of sitting dull, if he participates in a sports activity on the ground, it will end his boredom.

Sports teaches us to follow the time schedule. Time is very much essential to succeed in life. So the player tries to reach the ground intime.

Hadith of the Prophet PBUH:  A stronger body is better than a weak body. It is achieved when you do an exercise or participate in a game.

Today we do our work while sitting machines. That’s why sports are essential to staying fit. From the Islamic point of view, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also gave importance to sports.

Sad to say that the basis of our life is gone. We do our work on the machines. The work of years is being done in months and work of months in days.

In this way, there are many other things we learn from sports such as “Sports create endurance for us, so any indoor or outdoor sports one should participate.

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