‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: Here’s Why Fans Love This 1 Minor Character—Plus A Few Things You Never Knew About Him

by Jeremy Spirogis
Denis Lawson and Ewan McGregor

With the current launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December, followers can not cease speaking concerning the movie. It’s not all good, however it’s not all unhealthy both. The newest viewer dialogue surrounds this one minor character. Let’s check out what followers are saying about him, and some attention-grabbing details you seemingly by no means knew. 

Denis Lawson and Ewan McGregor
Denis Lawson and Ewan McGregor | Jonathan Brady/PA Images through Getty Images

Who are followers calling the most effective minor character in all the ‘Star Wars’ saga?

Wedge Antilles is a supporting character performed by Denis Lawson in all three of the unique Star Wars motion pictures. He additionally seems because the lead character in many of the X-Wing novels. 

“Wedge is the most effective minor character in Star Wars,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “He’s barely in it, but he’s just quietly awesome in every scene he’s in, and he survives all three films of the original trilogy.”

The pilot seems in the direction of the top of A New Hope as Red Two, an X-wing pilot and a part of the Red Squadron. He saves Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) within the Battle of Yavin by capturing down a TIE fighter. During the battle on the Death Star, Wedge and Luke are the one two X-wing pilots to outlive, together with one lone Y-wing and the Millennium Flacon. 

He then seems in The Empire Strikes Back as a part of the Rogue Squadron flying a snow speeder in opposition to the Empire’s AT-AT floor assault. Wedge’s spectacular purpose and flying expertise assist him to inflict the primary casualty in opposition to the group. He circles one of many walker’s legs with a harpoon tow cable inflicting it to journey and fall, and permitting Rebel forces to destroy the walker. 

Wedge once more seems in the direction of the top of Return of the Jedi in the course of the Battle of Endor. He and Lando lead the fighter assault on the second Death Star. The pilot’s expertise once more shine by when he navigates the slim flight areas contained in the Death Star, resulting in its core. Wedge destroys the ability regulator on the core’s north tower, whereas Lando destroys the middle. 

What do followers consider the cameo that Denis Lawson’s Wedge has in ‘Rise of Skywalker’?

“When he showed up, I jumped out of my seat,” added one other Redditor. “I was so thrilled.”

Wedge seems as soon as once more performed by Denis Lawson in The Rise of Skywalker, which many followers are enthusiastic about. He controls the gun turret aboard the Millenium Falcon in the course of the remaining battle of the movie, between the Resistance and Emperor Palpatine’s fleet. 

“It was a lame cameo IMO,” commented one fan. “Give the man an X-wing and more than three seconds of camera time.”

Although followers had been glad to see Wedge, his cameo left loads to want for.

“He performed the kill shot of the Death Star II,” added one other viewer. [Wedge] might have been a General commanding his personal ship in The Rise of Skywalker, however nope, a gunner seat on the Falcon.”

The very temporary cameo left followers wanting extra for his or her beloved supporting character. 

Here’s a enjoyable reality about Ewan McGregor and Denis Lawson

“It should be noted that Denis Lawson, the actor to play Wedge is Ewan McGregor’s real-life uncle,” commented one other Redditor. “Ewan McGregor got his first introduction to Star Wars because he went to go see his uncle in the films.”

McGregor owes loads to Lawson as a result of he then performs Obi-Wan Kenobi within the prequel trilogy. Criticism typically surrounds the three-part film sequence; nevertheless, one factor followers and critics at all times word is that McGregor’s efficiency is likely one of the highlights. Fans typically request that he make appearances in different Star Wars movies and TV reveals. 

Avid Star Wars viewers will lastly get their want when McGregor reprises his function as Obi-Wan Kenobi within the new untitled mini-series coming quickly on Disney+. 

You can watch the temporary cameo of Wedge at across the two-hour mark of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which is presently taking part in in theaters. 

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