Statement of Scindia's supporters

by Jeremy Spirogis
Statement of Scindia's supporters

Raj Express After the resignation of Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh, 22 Congress MLAs have resigned thus far. Jyotiraditya Scindia, who resigned from the Congress, has joined the BJP. He was given main membership by BJP National President JP Nadda. According to sources, round 17 Congress MLAs have reached Bengaluru, the capital of the BJP-ruled state of Karnataka. Meanwhile, the assertion of Jotiraditya Scindia's pro-MLAs has come out.

These MLAs have arrived in Bengaluru:

All these MLAs are being instructed of Jyotiraditya Scindia faction. It is being instructed that Tulsi Silavat (Minister), Govind Singh Rajput (Minister), Prahuman Singh Tomar (Minister), Imarti Devi (Minister), Prabhuram Chodhari (Minister) and Mahendra Sisodia (Minister) are in Bangalore. <! –


Say imarti devi

Imarti Devi says:

Madhya Pradesh MLA Imrati Devi says that we, 22 individuals are in Bengaluru and have our want. With the blessings of Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, Maharaj ji has taken a very good choice that, we’re additionally going to take some good place. If I’ve to fall within the properly, I’ll fall within the properly too, however will stick with Maharaj ji. Where Maharaj ji will reside, the identical Imarti Devi can even stay as many as 22 MLAs. All is of their very own free will and pleasure.

Tulsi Silvat stated

Tulsi Silavat stated:

MLA Tulsi Silavat says that the choice taken by Jyotiraditya Scindia ji will go to BJP in any social gathering, so these 22 MLAs of 22 are collectively and all have come voluntarily. There isn’t any strain from anybody, within the choice of Scindiaji, all the 22 MLAs have been with him, and at all times can be.

Pradyuman Singh Tomar

Pradyuman Singh Tomar:

Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar says that, we’re with Scindia ji, I took the identical choice and neither for any post nor every other selfishness have we thought of our ethical obligation. It was our obligation that, presently now we have to stay with Scindia ji, then we’re with Scindia ji.

Mahendra Singh Sisodia

Mahendra Singh Sisodia:

Mahendra Singh Sisodia says that Gaddari Jyotiraditya Scindia ji didn’t accompany him to Gaddari Congress Party and Kamal Nath ji. Knowing that, after 15 years, Scindia's arduous work has fashioned the federal government in Madhya Pradesh. Jyotiraditya Scindia ji, we’ll go along with whichever social gathering we go to.

Govind Singh Rajput

Govind Singh Rajput:

At the identical time, MLA Govind Singh Rajput says, an enormous confusion is being unfold that, 22 Congress MLAs who’ve come to Bangalore are being instructed that, they’re involved with Bhopal, that is all mistaken, we No one is involved and all have come right here voluntarily and all of the MLAs have come right here from the center. All the MLAs are with and can stay with Scindia.

Prabhuram Chaudhary

Prabhuram Chaudhary:

MLA Prabhuram Chodhary says, I’m with Jyotiraditya Scindia ji, I’m nonetheless with Jyotiraditya Scindia ji, tomorrow I can be with Jyotiraditya Scindia ji and all of us resigned voluntarily.

Brijendra Yadav says

Brijendra Yadav says:

While speaking in regards to the choice of MLA Brijendra Yadav Jyotiraditya Scindia stated, all of the rumors are spreading within the media, which Congress MLAs are saying that, 22 MLAs who’ve gone, they’re involved with us, they’ll come again Will come, that is all mistaken. We are with Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, 22 MLAs of 22. We have already resigned earlier than and the place our chief is insulted, we is not going to bear the humiliation of our chief. It is a small matter to resign, if we needed to give our lives for our chief, we’ll give it. We will go along with them as our chief goes.

Suresh Dhakad

Suresh Dhakad:

MLA Suresh Dhakad says that, I used to be a servant of Maharaj Saab, and can at all times be, colleagues who’re saying that, now we have resigned underneath strain from any individual, allow them to know that, now we have resigned underneath strain from any individual Have not given We have resigned from our will and since we’re with Maharaj Saab, he was and can stay.

Scindia ji was being harassed for the final one yr

Scindia ji was being harassed for the final one yr:

At the identical time, an MLA says that within the final one yr, in Madhya Pradesh, underneath the management of Scindiaji, a authorities was fashioned with a younger face and Congress authorities was fashioned within the state. For the final one yr, the way in which Scindia ji was being harassed, she was being uncared for, we have been damage by that and due to this we’re voluntarily with Scindia ji and can be with Scindia ji. We will keep the place it’s.

Government fashioned in Madhya Pradesh because of Scindia

Government fashioned in Madhya Pradesh because of Scindia ji:

Another MLA says that, as a authorities has been fashioned in Madhya Pradesh as Scindia, they’ve labored arduous for this. Raised individuals like us within the elections and in addition gained the elections. The normal public was an excellent ache inside Madhya Pradesh, he was not made the Chief Minister, but it’s not a matter that his title got here for the president, he was not made the president both. Then after that he was to be nominated for Rajya Sabha, then he was not given a ticket for Rajya Sabha. This gross insult just isn’t tolerable in a democracy. It hurts to depart his home, however the individuals who have been pressured, these individuals are responsible.

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