Sunflower seeds beneficial for our health

by Patricia Lin
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You will be surprised to know that the seeds of fruits and vegetables which we throw inadvertently in such a way, the nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, protein and vitamins can add to our health.

Pumpkin Seeds –
Hearing the name of the pumpkin, not only children but big ones also make their mouths. <! –

                 But how healthy is the pumpkin, you cannot even guess it. Its vegetable has rich health properties, but the pumpkin seeds do not contain any nutritious elements. These seeds are good sources of vitamin B. In addition, iron, magnesium, zinc and protein are also in it. Doctors believe that pumpkin seeds are very useful to relieve stress and anxiety. Not only this, you can eat it in vegetables, soups, salads and whatever you want.

Sunflower seeds-
Sunflower seeds can play a very important role to keep a pregnant woman healthy. In addition, they also increase the immunity of the body. There is also a lot of vitamin B and vitamin E in it. Vitamin E protects your cells from damage. Also keeps skin and hair healthy. Some experts also believe that sunflower seeds are also good in protecting against cancer. Protein is also very high in these seeds, along with the work of taking care of the heart, these seeds are also known to do well.

Health partner
It is believed that sesame oil is never wasted. Sesame is not only found in plenty of manganese but it is also a good source of vitamin B1, zinc, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. In addition, it contains two special ingredients called sesamin and sesamolin, which help in reducing cholesterol levels. For this reason, the problem of high blood sugar is controlled. Sesame is also helpful in taking care of liver. Eating sesame and drinking hot water on top of it makes stomach pain better.

melon seeds –
Who is better than us, who does not like to eat sweet and sweet watermelon? But often we get so immersed in the melon test, ignore its seeds and throw them away. But these seeds contain most of the nutritious elements of our daily requirement. Watermelon seeds contain iron, potassium, vitamins, fat and calories. In many places, people dry the watermelon seeds in the sun and eat them later, so today you do not throw watermelon seeds either.

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