‘Supernatural’ Episode 9 Recap: Chuck Gets Nasty in ‘The Trap’

by Jeremy Spirogis
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The mid-season finale of Supernatural had Chuck dominate a gambling establishment in components unidentified, and luring Sam and Eileen into a pitfall. Fortunately, Cass and Dean could actually get a spell to thwart Chuck/God from Michael (Adam). Episode nine found with God along with his trickery, therefore the Winchesters divided by two various missions. Let’s jump to the recap.

Rob Benedict of 'Supernatural'
Rob Benedict of ‘Supernatural’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Chuck talks a significant amount of but likes torture

Chuck features Sam and Eileen tangled up in the casino in which he
describes just how he orchestrated the setup with Eileen finding its way back, choosing the Winchesters,
therefore the “romance” between Sam and Eileen. We all must have known better. Back
in the bunker, Dean is concerned he and Cass have actuallyn’t heard from their store.

While Chuck begins to torture Sam with a scalpel, Eileen secretly calls Dean so he is able to hear it. Chuck sees and snatches the device, greets Dean, and tosses the telephone against a wall. He then would go to fish the round away from Sam’s neck but gets stressed and chooses to make Eileen take action.

Chuck manages her and has now her stick the scalpel into him. He’s in discomfort from her turning it also it’s no longer working. Sam is hemorrhaging on. Meanwhile, Dean had sufficient time and energy to locate the decision to a town in Nebraska.

Chuck eventually prevents the torture and heals Sam. He feels Sam’s hope could be the cause of their defiance, and states, “You still think you can win.” He rambles about their Thanos-level results along with their capabilities, programs Sam what happens in the event that Winchesters winnings.

He features a wrist watch that moves ahead over time, and Sam can click forward on any day to look at future. In one situation, Jodi calls and states Claire is lifeless from a-hunt.  

Dean and Cass take God’s objective but don’t comprehend it

Cass and Dean get to Purgatory, and they’re becoming viewed. Is it our old friend Benny? No, it’s a Leviathan. He attempts to strike but Cass and Dean flip the script. They discover that the “thistle blossom” blooms from bad corpses of Leviathan.

They make the prisoner cause them to where they develop, and Dean requires about Benny. He’s lifeless. The prisoner takes all of them to a field associated with the thistle flowers but it’s a trap and Leviathans pop up to battle. Cass is secured in an angel group and Dean gets knocked out.

Chuck keeps becoming diabolical, Dean finds Cass

Still viewing the situation, Sam views the earth is overrun
with beasts and Cass is fully gone. Wolves, vampires, etc. Everyone they love is
lifeless, and Chuck will continue to adjust Sam. Sam will continue to view the brothers
pursue the exact same nest accountable for Claire’s demise. They return residence annoyed
and dissatisfied, plus it’s shown they’ve been converted into beasts!

Their hunter buddies come after all of them—Jodi and Bobby—and the
Winchesters are killed down. Chuck asks Sam just what he believes. He even shares that just what
Dean and Cass do are included in their program. God creates their situation by saying
nature will likely be tossed down balance if he’s gone in addition to beasts takes over.

Apparently, Cass’ kidnapping is revenge courtesy of Eve for
killing her Leviathan infants. When Dean involves, Cass is finished and are also the blossoms.
While looking for Cass, Dean features a second, and prays to him, apologizing to
him. He’s in tears and states he forgives Cass about Jack, but do you know what? The
time clock is winding straight down in the portal.

Things get as you expected for Chuck

Dean locates a battered Cass just who squeezed from the Leviathan
with a bloom. They make it as well as perform some enchantment. Cass has got to use the level,
therefore the baseball keeping the ability has got to be damaged by some body aside from him. They
dash to arrive at Sam and Eileen.

Cass and Dean come to save lots of all of them, plus they require Sam to destroy the baseball using the secret inside it. Chuck broke Sam’s spirit of hope and everybody watches God/Chuck heal his neck injury because Sam’s optimistic power has actually disappeared.

Chuck sees the magical sphere/weapon and crushes it. He will continue to chat garbage, saying he’s accustomed this result from most of the Sams and Deans various other globes. Dean informs him he won’t have the closing he desires this time around. Chuck vanishes.

Toward the end, Eileen leaves because they’re frightened of exactly what
Chuck may adjust next, not before revealing a kiss with Sam. At the really
end, Jack is shown with Billie, and she states, “It’s time.” Jack will likely be straight back!

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