‘Survivor 40’: Ben Driebergen Started His Immunity Idol Hunt Before Anyone Else in Bonus Scene

by Jeremy Spirogis
Survivor Ben Driebergen

In Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Ben Driebergen had no social sport and as a substitute discovered idols almost each week to get himself to the top. However, he acquired criticism from viewers for his kind of gameplay. Therefore, Ben returned for Survivor 40: Winners at War and centered on his social play in addition to helped others discover idols as a substitute of finding them himself.

In a bonus scene, the veteran awoke early the next morning after Sophie Clarke’s elimination to seek out the hidden immunity idol she had on her when blindsided.

Survivor Ben Driebergen
Ben Driebergen | CBS

Ben Driebergen on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’

Initially positioned on the Sele tribe, Ben Driebergen determined he would concentrate on his social sport versus on the lookout for idols as he did on his first season. In the premiere episode, Boston Rob Mariano requested Ben if anybody threw his title out as a possible vote-off. Starstruck by the five-time participant, the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers winner admitted that Danni Boatwright advised writing his title down on the upcoming Tribal Council.

After realizing the “old school” gamers had been gaining management, he aligned with “new schoolers” Jeremy Collins, Michele Fitzgerald, and Adam Klein. Additionally, Ben helped Denise Stapley discover her first hidden Immunity Idol.

He then swapped to growth tribe Yara within the majority alongside Adam and Rob. Even although the 2 initially adopted the Robfather’s instructions to not go away camp, they nonetheless unanimously despatched the Redemption Island champ to the Edge of Extinction.

Ben made it to the merge with out seeing one other Tribal Council and remained within the majority, a lot partially to his shut bonds with Sarah Lacina and Sophie Clarke from the Yara tribe.

However, he and Adam butt heads, and the 2 went at it throughout a Tribal Council earlier than the Millennials vs. Gen X elimination. After Tony Vlachos blindsided his personal alliance and despatched Sophie despatched to the Edge, Ben understandably didn’t belief the New Jersey-based police officer.

Therefore, when he discovered a hidden Immunity Idol whereas strolling with Tony, he tried to cover it at first. However, the Cagayan winner pointed it out, and finally, Ben confessed.

Ben Driebergen began on the lookout for the immunity idol in bonus scene

While Episode 12 exhibits everybody on the lookout for a hidden immunity idol on the identical time, a bonus scene depicts Ben starting his search early that morning. In a confessional, he defined he grew “as a Survivor participant and as a person” and has “learned from his experience.”

Instead of enjoying his normal “big, flashy, in-your-face game,” the stay-at-home dad is enjoying a “more personalized game by teaching people how to find idols.”

Additionally, the veteran isn’t on the lookout for any idols as many viewers solely credit score his use of benefits for his earlier win. However, he believes it’s time to “protect” himself after Sophie’s blindside, so he wakened early to search for the idol she left with in her pocket.

Because he knew one idol was discovered on the seaside, and Tony positioned his “on the rocks,” he predicted the subsequent one “has to be inland somewhere.” While he knew he ought to have been looking for the benefits earlier within the sport, the stay-at-home dad needed to indicate others he may play one other means.

However, Ben additionally is aware of that the “security” of the idol will assist him make it additional, so he needed to seek out it, which he did. Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at eight p.m. EST on CBS.

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