‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Amber Mariano Revealed Why She Returned and What It Means for Her

by Jeremy Spirogis
Amber Brkich Mariano

After Amber Mariano won Survivor: All-Stars and started a household with Boston Rob Mariano, followers believed she’d never ever go back to participate once again. However, she undoubtedly could maybe not ignore the chance to come-back along with her spouse for the 20th 12 months and 40th period.

This time around, Amber is a spouse, the mother-of-four, and it has “a whole new motivation.” What performs this period imply on her?

Amber Brkich Mariano
Amber Brkich Mariano | M. Caulfield

Amber Brkich Mariano claimed ‘Survivor: All-Stars’

In 2002, Amber Brkich made her Survivor debut for The Australian Outback. Only 22-years-old in the time, she had a fantastic place when you look at the vast majority alliance on the tribe and became really near to Jerri Manthey.

However, their allies flipped and removed Jerri, leaving Amber regarding the base. They then made a decision to vote the Pennsylvania indigenous away next as they knew her menace amount.

She came back six months later on when it comes to very first period with a cast consists of all returnees, Survivor: All-Stars. Almost straight away, Amber aligned with Rob “Boston Rob Mariano” from Marquesas, and they formed a dominant alliance around all of them.

However, a tribe swap turned Amber to a new tribe where she had no allies. Thanks to Rob’s cope with Lex van de Berghe and Amber’s scrambling, she made it into the merge where her alliance carried on to take over.

They made it into the Final Two and encountered a really sour jury whom thought betrayed because of the few. Ultimately, the jurors opted Amber’s social game play over Rob’s cutthroat design, and she won the subject of Sole Survivor in a 4-3 vote.

The two fell in love through the program, and Rob suggested to Amber in the finale, prior to number Jeff Probst established the winner. The two married in 2005, relocated to Pensacola, Florida, and currently mother or father four daughters collectively: Lucia Rose (10), Carolina Rose (9), Isabetta Rose (7), and Adelina Rose (5). 

Why performed Amber Brkich Mariano keep coming back for ‘Survivor: Winners at War?’

In a pregame meeting with ET Canada, Amber admitted she “never thought in a million years” she would return to Survivor. Amber also considers by herself “one of the luckiest people” to previously participate on Survivor because she won, found her husband to be, “and nothing can top that.”

Therefore, she hesitated in the chance to come-back because she believed “the book was closed.” However, coming back along with her spouse ended up being too attractive to make straight down.

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Additionally, she realizes competing on Survivor is a “once in a lifetime” possibility and feels she’s fortunate to own a 3rd possibility. Even though Amber has actuallyn’t played in many years, she featuresn’t ended watching and it is alert to the twists that you can get now, such as concealed resistance idols.

She also really wants to “bring some of the old school back” and develop friendships with individuals as opposed to depending on advantageous assets to make it through the video game. However, this time around, her focus is not entirely on by herself since it ended up being during her very first victory.

What does ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ mean for Amber Brkich Mariano?

Amber has recognized she actually is a “totally different person” and contains “a whole new motivation” that performedn’t occur during All-Stars. Instead of playing the video game for by herself, she’s now playing it on her young ones and desires all of them to observe how powerful their particular moms and dads is often as they view it as a household whenever it airs.

Amber understands she almost certainly won’t have Rob on the beginning tribe, but she states he has got “instilled a lot of confidence” in her own and taught her game play. She’s additionally maybe not concerned about her depiction on tv and only cares about showing her daughters they can do just about anything they desire.

Watch Survivor: Winners at War February 12 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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