‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Fans Feel Strongly That Jeff Probst Will Place an Immunity Idol at Tribal Council this Season

by Jeremy Spirogis
Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, and Adam Klein

With Adam Klein’s iconic transfer in episode 9 of Survivor: Winners at War, followers are speculating different areas that host Jeff Probst will put an immunity idol this season. Viewers suppose there would possibly already be an idol within the voting sales space or someplace at tribal council proper now or in the way forward for the sport.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 9 spoilers forward.]

Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, and Adam Klein
Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, and Adam Klein | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 9: Was there an immunity idol at tribal council?

Last week at tribal council, when Probst informed the castaways that it was time to play a hidden immunity idol if they’ve one, Adam received up. He walked as much as the rostrum the place Probst was standing. Then he tried to seize the fleur-de-lis that’s on the entrance of the voting podium. 

“Damn. Nothing, huh?” Adam says whereas pulling at it. “Not anything? Looks like maybe it was something — worth a shot. I don’t know. Maybe that was an idol?”

Both the castaways and the jury members glare at Adam, wide-eyed. Some snicker, however others wish to know if the fleur-de-lis is a hidden immunity idol.

“You want to play this?” Probst asks Adam. “This thing that you can’t get off of the voting podium?” All of the jury and the castaways start laughing at this remark from Probst.

“If that is an idol,” Probst continues. “It would be historic. The first idol ever, hidden at tribal council, in plain view of all players, selected by you and played for you.”

“That is not a hidden immunity idol,” Probst says after a protracted pause.

All votes forged for Adam nonetheless depend, and he’s devastated to be the eleventh individual voted out of Survivor: Winners at War

Fans suppose that Jeff Probst will place an immunity idol at tribal council

“You know, after this, I wouldn’t put it past the producers from doing that now,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

Many different viewers agree that it solely appears proper that Probst ought to cover an immunity idol within the tribal council space if there isn’t one hidden there already.

“It could even happen this season still,” added one other Redditor. “Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something in the voting booth.”

Although many castaways checked the voting sales space this season, the producers may add one in there in some unspecified time in the future. 

“Now he has to do it, proper?” one fan questioned. “The leisure issue alone of one other Survivor trying it in entrance of all people. I’d say it’s a completed deal.”

If not this season, Probst will plant an immunity idol at tribal in ‘Survivor’ 41 or 42

“You just know Jeff is 100% hiding an idol at tribal next season,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

After the suspense and the response from the followers, it could be a wise transfer for the manufacturing to cover an immunity idol someplace within the tribal council space sooner or later.

“Raise your hand if you think there will be an idol hidden next season at tribal in plain sight,” added one other fan.

Fans imagine that the hidden immunity idol at tribal council transfer doesn’t finish with Adam. It will proceed onward till somebody finds an actual one there. Find out if will probably be this throughout Survivor: Winners at War on Wednesdays at eight p.m. EST on CBS.

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