‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: How Do 6 Players Each Already Have a Hidden Immunity Idol?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Survivor 40 Tribal Council

The second week of Survivor 40: Winners at War was filled with hidden immunity idols. With 20 returning winners from earlier seasons, it comes as no shock that the contestants simply situated a number of idols on the islands.

However, with an anniversary season, comes a brand new twist on how and when the idols can come into play. Let’s check out how six contestants at the moment are in possession of an idol on Winners at War.

[Warning: Survivor 40: Winners at War spoilers forward]

Survivor 40 Tribal Council
Ben Driebergen, Adam Klein, Ethan Zohn, Parvati Shallow, Danni Boatwright, Boston Rob Mariano, Michele Fitzgerald, Natalie Anderson and Jeremy Collins | Robert Voets/CBS by way of Getty Images

Last week Sandra purchased a hidden immunity idol from the Island of Extinction

In the season premiere, Natalie was the primary particular person voted off. When she arrives on the Island of Extinction, she finds out that with a number of fireplace tokens, she will buy benefits to get her again within the sport. 

On the island all by herself, Natalie begins looking for the hidden immunity idol. She hikes to the best level on the island and discovers the idol. However, it’s of no use to her there. The contestant sends it to Sandra — who has till sunset to determine if she goes to buy it or not. 

Sandra shortly purchases the idol. Now, the one particular person within the sport who has already gained Survivor two occasions has the very first hidden immunity idol. 

Ben teaches Denise easy methods to discover a hidden immunity idol on the Sele tribe

Week 2 of Survivor opens with Ben Driebergen describing to Denise Stapley exactly what a hidden immunity idol seems to be like and easy methods to discover it. She shortly discovers one and opens it with him. 

“You must give one half to another player by sundown,” the observe reads. 

This idol has no energy with out giving the opposite half away to a different contestant. Denise doesn’t give it to Ben instantly, and he agrees to not inform anybody. The 48-year-old therapist who gained Survivor: Philippines in 2012 instantly tells Adam Klein about her idol.

Adam explains to Denise why it will be a horrible concept to present it to Parvati. Adam as an alternative convinces Denise to present it to him. However, the 2 idols have to be performed collectively, so Adam and Denise at the moment are each in possession of 1.  

Kim finds the hidden immunity idol on the Dakal tribe

“This idol is unique because both halves are identical, and you need to give it to someone else by sundown,” Kim reads when she finds the idol for the Dakal tribe.

Tony and Nick come throughout her proper as she is shoving it in her shorts. She doesn’t suppose they noticed her get the idol; nevertheless, they may know that she was out on the lookout for one.  

Kim tells Sophie in regards to the idol and decides to present her the opposite half. Sophie is in shock that Kim would choose her.

“If I were Kim, I would be worried about telling me,” Sophie tells the cameras privately. 

Natalie sends a tribal benefit to Jeremy from the Edge of Extinction

Natalie and Amber learn a brand new clue on the Edge of Extinction Island. It alludes to one thing — which they assume is an immunity idol — but it surely’s very cryptic. 

The producers of the present spotlight the clue, “water well.” Natalie and Amber hike everywhere in the island, looking for the idol. Finally, Natalie seems to be contained in the water effectively and finds what she believes is a hidden immunity idol. 

It seems it is a bonus that “offers safety without power.” When you play this benefit it’s essential to go away tribal council earlier than the vote. So, you aren’t voted out, however you don’t get to take part within the vote. It’s mainly a hidden immunity idol. 

Natalie sends the brand new idol to Jeremy, who doesn’t hesitate to buy it together with his fireplace token. This brings the rely to 6 individuals who have already got hidden immunity idols: Sandra, Denise, Adam, Kim, Sophie, and now Jeremy.

We have an interest to see how all of those idols play out this season. Survivor airs on CBS Wednesdays at eight pm ET. 

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