‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Parvati Shallow’s Kryptonite Strikes Again

by Jeremy Spirogis
Parvati Shallow

Fans have been devastated after Survivor Winners at War Episode 6. Two fan-favorites went to the Edge of Extinction island in a very surprising flip of occasions. Let’s check out what occurred to Parvati Shallow this week, and who followers are saying is her kryptonite.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 6 spoilers forward.]

Parvati Shallow
Parvati Shallow | Timothy Kuratek/CBS by way of Getty Images

Who was voted out on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 6?

During episode 6, the three tribes — Dakal, Sele, and Yara — went to a joint immunity and reward problem. When they arrived, Jeff Probst knowledgeable the castaways that two of the tribes could be going to a tribal council that night. Yara triumphed — Dakal and Sele each misplaced and went again to camp to determine who to vote out subsequent.

Since the merge in episode 5, the tribes at the moment are a lot smaller. Sele consists of Parvati, Michele Fitzgerald, Yul Kwon, Wendell Holland, and Nick Wilson. Parvati is in a robust alliance with Michele, besides Michele used so far Wendell. The couple instructed everybody that they had a nasty breakup; nonetheless, they’re typically speaking and making an attempt to work collectively. 

Back at camp, the three guys resolve to vote out Parvati as a result of she is an enormous menace. Michele goes together with the vote however doesn’t wish to write her friend’s title down. Wendell tries to cut price for Parvati’s fireplace tokens, however she doesn’t budge. In the top, she finally ends up because the seventh individual voted out of Survivor Winners at War

Who do followers really feel is Parvati’s kryptonite? 

“We can formally say that Yul is Parvati’s Survivor kryptonite. The solely two instances she’s been voted out, it’s been by Yul,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

This is Parvati’s fourth time enjoying Survivor, and he or she made it two the ultimate tribal council two of these 4 instances. The solely two instances she didn’t make it to the ultimate have been the seasons she ended up on Yul’s tribe. 

“Yul is her kryptonite,” agreed one other fan. “He’s the only one who can stop the Goddess’s ascent to her rightful throne at FTC [Final Tribal Council] every season.”

Fans suppose it’s no coincidence that the second Parvati ended up on Yul’s tribe, she ended up voted out through the first tribal council. 

Yul received ‘Survivor Cook Islands’ after voting Parvati out

During Survivor Cook Islands, Parvati Shallow was enjoying a superb sport till after the merge. She spent the primary six days with out fear as her tribe received each problem. When they did finally lose, she efficiently voted out quite a few gamers. 

Yul additionally performed a stable sport. During episode 2, he was banished to exile island however used clues to discover a hidden immunity idol. He shaped alliances and caught to them all through the sport. Yul helped to vote Parvati out on day 36. 

He then went on to grow to be the only real Survivor. Many followers say that historical past is about to repeat itself. Survivor Winners at War is barely the second time that he’s enjoying the sport, and he efficiently voted out Parvati already. Survivor airs Wednesdays at eight p.m. on CBS.

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