‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Why Sophie Clarke and Parvati Shallow Would Make Great Allies

by Jeremy Spirogis
Sophie Clarke

Even though Survivor: South Pacific winner, Sophie Clarke, and Survivor: Micronesia winner, Parvati Shallow, apparently played completely different games throughout their months, they are able to however make great allies predicated on comparable experiences and typical targets.

Sophie Clarke
Sophie Clarke | Paul Redmond

Sophie Clarke and Parvati Shallow returning for ‘Survivors: Winners at War’

Even though South Pacific is recalled for figures like Coach Benjamin Wade and Russell Hantz’s nephew, Brandon, the champion, Sophie Clarke, played an under-the-radar dominating game.

She formed a five-person alliance in the first-night, which lasted for the whole online game. Clarke then won her third person immunity during the final challenge to make her area in the Final Tribal Council and won in a 6-3-0 vote.

While some disregard Clarke’s win as the result of this sour jury, she made a few strategic moves and conserved by herself by persuading Coach Wade to deliver their nearest ally, Brandon Hantz, to Redemption Island.

Micronesia winner Parvati Shallow, became referred to as a flirtatious personality during Cook Islands which triggered her removal in the Final Six. The Survivor community liked her, and she came back for Fans vs. Favorites (Micronesia) only several months later on.

She made a Final Three price early with Cirie Fields and Amanda Kimmel, and so they, including Natalie Bolton, pulled down one of Survivor’s greatest techniques by persuading Erik Reichenbach to stop their resistance at Final Five.

The Final Three lasted through to the end, however in a Final Two Tribal Council perspective, Kimmel selected Shallow to sit close to her. Even though jury people accused Shallow to be a mean individual, they awarded her the subject due to her impressive hostile game play.

Both Clarke and Shallow will get back for the all-winners period.

Potential allies of Sophie Clarke for ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

On an event of Rob Has a Podcast, the number, Rob Cesternino, along with three other Survivor lovers discussed the game play and prospective allies of coming back winners Sophie Clarke, Yul Kwon, Danni Boatwright, and Ethan Zohn.

For Clarke, podcaster Taran Armstrong advised she could ally with anybody as the SP winner allied and got along side four various other spiritual men and women, despite the fact that she’s maybe not.

Parade writer Mike Bloom feels she could be ready to “map the personalities” of these she worked with in SP onto the coming back champions. For instance, she could possibly discover similarities along with her previous ally Rick “Cowboy” Nelson and Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers winner, Ben Driebergen.

Bloom additionally recommended a possible cooperation between Clarke and Shallow because both have actually “played up and down facets of their personalities to please egos around them,” and they’re both singing about ladies empowerment.

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Also, both ladies have actually experienced critique regarding components of their particular personality and may link over becoming misinterpreted in comparable methods. For instance, Ozzy Lusth described Clarke as a “pretentious brat,” and Shallow’s tribemates made unsavory reviews about her flirtatiousness.

Additionally, some viewers experienced like Clarke just won considering that the jury thought therefore betrayed by Coach Wade. On the other side, other people thought Shallow deserved the two-time victory over Sandra Diaz-Twine for Heroes vs. Villians.

Therefore, both women will come to the period with anything to show and may ally over that typical objective. Clarke and Shallow have indicated they’re amazing strategic thoughts and that can win specific immunities when it matters.

With their particular different, however comparable game play designs, these females could easily get far when they teamed up. Watch Survivor: Winner at War on February 12, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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