‘Survivor’: Amber Mariano Initially Didn’t Approve of the Bromance Between Boston Rob and Tyson Apostol

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Fan-favorites Boston Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol have been shut allies on Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains till the stay-at-home dad primarily voted himself out of the sport. While the 2 are nonetheless good buddies, Amber Mariano admitted she initially didn’t approve of the bromance between them.

Tyson Apostol Rob Mariano
Tyson Apostol and Boston Rob Mariano | Robert Voets

Boston Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol on ‘Survivor 20’

Six years after his disappointing loss in All-Stars to his now-wife, Amber Mariano, Boston Rob returned to Survivor as a Villain on all-returning gamers season, Heroes vs. Villains.

He shortly grew to become the undisputed chief of the tribe, and gained reputation with the vast majority of the tribe, apart from rival Russell Hantz. Therefore, Boston Rob created an alliance of six, with Tyson Apostol as one of many members, they usually had a majority over Russell, Parvati Shallow, and Danielle DiLorenzo.

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On Day 15, Rob, who had particular person immunity, instructed his allies to separate their votes between Russell and Parvati, after which they’d remove whoever didn’t play the idol.

However, Russell satisfied Tyson to modify his vote, which resulted within the Tocantins star’s pre-merge elimination. Even although Rob nonetheless had the numbers after his closest ally went residence, Jerri Manthey switched alliances and voted out the All-Stars runner-up on the following Tribal Council.

They later returned for separate seasons the place each claimed the title of Sole Survivor.

Boston Rob Mariano and Tyson Apostol returned for ‘Survivor 40’

10 years later, Rob and Tyson reunited for Winners at War to compete in opposition to 18 different returning winners for a historic $2 million prize. The two have been positioned on separate tribes, however Tyson’s affiliation with the first-ever five-time participant put a goal on his again.

Additionally, he got here for the Queen, leading to a visit to the Edge of the Extinction. On the Sele tribe, Rob created a powerful alliance in old-fashioned gamers Parvati Shallow and Ethan Zohn.

However, the brand new schoolers blindsided him and eradicated Ethan, severely weakening Parvati and Rob. At the tribe swap, Rob switched to enlargement tribe Yara within the majority with former tribemates Ben Driebergen and Adam Klein.

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Unfortunately, his plan to not let anybody talk with one another all day earlier than Tribal Council in the end backfired on him, and he was eradicated proper after the Utah-native, once more.

Tyson ultimately gained his means again into the sport however returned to the Edge solely three Tribal Councils later. They each didn’t win the final re-entry problem and have become members of the jury.

Amber Mariano initially didn’t approve of their bromance

Ever since Rob and Tyson competed on Heroes vs. Villains collectively, the buddies have shaped a bromance and remained in shut contact over time.

In a video from Ponderosa, the 2 acquired massages collectively and reminisced about their occasions hanging out for 3 weeks in Australia after their HvV pre-jury elimination.

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While in a separate space getting her nails performed, Amber admitted she didn’t agree with Rob when he instructed her about his newfound friendship with Tyson as a result of she thought he was “terrible.”

Amber defined her husband tried to persuade her that he was “actually pretty cool,” however she didn’t imagine it till she “got to know him.” She jokingly credited that revelation with being the one time Rob was proper.

The mother-of-four additionally mentioned she has to “limit their together” and claims she solely permits them to see one another “a couple of times a year, or else it gets out of control.” Amber, Rob, and Tyson all retired after Survivor 40: Winners at War and can not return to compete.

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