‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Who Jeff Probst Would Vote Out First

by Jeremy Spirogis
Survivor host Jeff Probst

When it involves Survivor, Jeff Probst is the go-to man. The dimpled host has been serving up wild twists and thrilling new challenges for 40 seasons. With Survivor: Winners at War, followers of the present are thrilled to get an opportunity to see how the present’s all-stars would handle when pitted towards one another. It guarantees to an thrilling season, and Jeff Probst already is aware of who he would vote out first. What’s extra, he just lately dished on who he thinks one of the best winner of all time was. 

Who would Jeff Probst vote out first?

Survivor host Jeff Probst
Survivor host Jeff Probst | CBS by way of Getty Images

Jeff Probst at all times has some attention-grabbing perception relating to Survivor and its contestants. One would determine that after 40 seasons of internet hosting, Probst has a strong grasp on the technique and social facets of the sport. So when Probst offers his opinion on who he would or wouldn’t vote out, followers are inclined to take it severely. 

During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, the legendary Survivor host revealed that there’s one contestant, particularly, he’d attempt to get out as quickly as potential. 

“If I was playing this game, I would be panicked because there are so many threats,” began Probst. He continued, “The guy who still makes me the most uncomfortable is Rob. Because Boston Rob is resourceful like no one I’ve ever seen. He just finds ways to stay in it longer than he should, and every minute that he lasts a little longer than he should, he’s a little closer to getting rid of you. And he is the guy I would take out.”

Probst then added, “And I would then take out his wife. But I would take him out first. He’s my first one. And I love him! But, dude, I do not want to play against you. You are too good. You know how to flatter. You know how to cajole. You know how to intimidate. You know how to threaten. You know how to extort. You know how to get someone to save your future wife and then kill them in front of everybody and they help you bury him! ‘Nice job, buddy. Pretty clean hit there.’”

Now it stays to be seen if the castaways will comply with Probst’s concepts, or in the event that they’ll wind up with a very completely different technique in thoughts.

This is Jeff Probst’s finest ‘Survivor’ winner 

Survivor host Jeff ProbstSurvivor host Jeff Probst
Survivor host Jeff Probst | CBS by way of Getty Images

While the Survivor host appears intent on ousting Boston Rob as quickly as potential, he truly believes a distinct castaway is one of the best winner within the present’s historical past. 

Jeff Probst instructed Entertainment Weekly, “I hate the question. I will answer it, and I’ll annoy everybody else. I’m going to give it to Parvati.”

Probst went on so as to add, “I’m giving it to Parvati because just watching her play that season, I felt like we were watching a surgeon go inside a body with a really delicate operation and just move things and tighten up, and they did their own stitches at the end, they closed up or whatever they did.”

“I mean, everybody who won this game has been a genius in how they’ve done it because they had to do it in their season. But watching Parvati, still when I go back and I see some of those episodes — tiny little adjustments, all of it about persuasion. She either charmed you or she made you feel the consequence. One or the other. Sometimes, both together,” he continued.

Introducing hearth tokens to ‘Survivor’

Survivor host Jeff ProbstSurvivor host Jeff Probst
Survivor host Jeff Probst | CBS by way of Getty Images

Fans of Survivor may have a brand new twist to regulate to relating to Season 40. This season will see the introduction of fireplace tokens, which is able to act as a kind of foreign money inside the sport. 

Essentially, everybody will begin off with one token. When they’re voted off, they provide their token to a different castaway, and are despatched to the Edge of Extinction. One the Edge, there are benefits that may be bartered again to castaways nonetheless within the sport for tokens. The people on the Edge can then use the tokens to earn facilities or benefits which will assist them return to the group of castaways. 

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