Tahira Kashyap on staying with household 24/7 amid lockdown: In first 10 days, all of us needed to kill one another

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Tahira Kashtap candidly speaks to Zoom TV& 

Key Highlights

  • Tahira Kashyap speaks in regards to the ups and downs of lockdown
  • Ayushmann Khurrana’s spouse additionally shares how the household learnt to co-exist
  • The star spouse additionally spoke in regards to the position of her mom in her life

The nationwide lockdown has been prolonged until May 17 in India and persons are staying indoors with their households. Spending a lot time with somebody has its ups and downs. Being people, we are inclined to get irritated if we do not get our area and particularly after we can’t go away our homes, it is simple to get irritated even on small issues. 

Ayushmann Khurrana’s spouse Tahira Kashyap just lately shared how her household is coping with the lockdown and the way they’re dealing with it. The star spouse shared that the primary few days had been actually tough for her household and everybody was at one another’s throats, nevertheless, they realized to co-exist and provides one another their very own area.

While chatting with Zoom TV in regards to the ups and downs of lockdown and staying at residence 24/7 with household, Tahira mentioned, “In the first 10 days, we all wanted to kill each other. My kids wanted to disown us as parents and I didn’t want to see their faces, because we have never lived together for such a long time, at a stretch. This is a new phenomenon that is happening with our lives. But after those few hiccups, all of us have found a rhythm to co-exist and now we are enjoying each other’s company.”

“And we also know how to give each other space, as it has already been 40 days. So we all know when to not push someone’s button. There is a very happy mutual co-exitance thing. We are also trying to be productive and add some value to our life during the quarantine,” she added

As Mother’s Day is simply across the nook, Tahira additionally spoke in regards to the position of her mom in her life. Speaking of the identical, she mentioned, “My mother is a rockstar. I think that is how everyone feels about their moms and that’s truly so because they give up so much, they change their lifestyle and do so much to make a conducive environment for their child, to grow up in and I have been fortunate enough to have been provided with the same by my parents.”

“Both my parents were working parents and my mother was an educationalist. There were a lot of times when I used to feel that she is not there for me because of her job and I used to keep a grudge against her. I was really holding it up against her. But now my heart is so full of gratitude because now I know that being a working mom is so difficult. She has been the biggest source of strength and m glad that she set an example for me,” she added. 

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