Taj Rang Festival starts with Nepal's dance crisis

by Jeremy Spirogis
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Danish Umri, Agra. The fifth International Taj Rang Mahotsav had been inaugurated during the martyr memorial today by religious experts and their particular associates by burning a lamp as you’re watching statue of Natraj. Mahant Yogesh Puri, Father Moon Lazarus, Maulana Shamim and Bunty Grover as representatives from Sikh society present. tend to be.

Atithi Devo Bhava: The tradition of seeing visitor musicians and artists had been recognized because of the associates of faith and dignitaries of this town, additionally the colorful system had been provided by musicians and artists from Nepal, because of the party crisis and Theater Art School, Suraj Das Group, Assam.

In the system, roentgen Nagaraj Patnaik, Deepak Kalra, Savita Kalra, Hradesh Chaudhary, Pawan Agra, Deepika Praveena Gupta, B.N. Aggarwal, Naresh Berry, Mahendra Jain, Nitin Johri, Keshav Talegaonkar, Vishal Riaz, Mana Malhotra etc. had been current and current when you look at the plans had been Ritu Goel, Lala Ram Tenguria, Rohit Katyal, Vijay Kapoor, Parul Singh, Kumud Pandey, Mamta Pachauri, Rachna Kapoor, Mithlesh Shakya, Rajkamal Jaiswal, etc. had been current. <! –

                 The procedure had been carried out by Shruti Sinha. Convenor Alka Singh said that most the programs becoming held on February 2 will likely be held in the field college university Jubilee Hall at Paliwal Park from 11 am. Where the poetry summit will likely be held, nationwide and intercontinental musicians and artists will do their particular category.

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