Taylor Swift and ‘Star Wars’ Share an Unexpected Connection

by Jeremy Spirogis
Taylor Swift on the red carpet

Taylor Swift is not a Jedi Knight. Star Wars doesn’t feature a Taylor Swift soundtrack. However, the incredibly effective celebrity has one unforeseen link with the iconic film team.

We wanted to check into one gifted performer, that is a part of both Swift and Star Wars camps, that you could maybe not understand.

Behind every effective film star, is generally a stunt two fold performer. There are groups of specialists and experts behind-the-scenes just who seldom begin to see the limelight. Some of those tend to be significant in Hollywood predicated on their particular real capabilities.

One such stunt double has actually a remarkable application, also functions as an urgent link between Taylor Swift and Star Wars.

Taylor Swift on the red carpet
Taylor Swift | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Who is Caitlin Dechelle?

You might possibly not have heard of her prior to this, you’ve undoubtedly seen Caitlin Dechelle doing his thing. The 27-year-old is a stunt two fold master and it has made action stand-in appearances in Agents of Shield, John Carter, Percy Jackson, Ray Donovan, and even How I Met Your Mother.

She ended up being produced in Miami and today life in Los Angeles, where she’s a reliable movement of work. She is a martial arts lover and also started training during the chronilogical age of six. By age nine, she ended up being contending and improving her abilities.

She presently has actually black colored devices in Chinese Kenpo, Taekwondo, and Japanese Goju-Ryu.

An impressive and blockbuster resume

If you’ve watched Guardians of this Galaxy, Furious 7, Terminator, or Wonder Woman, you’ve viewed Caitlin Dechelle do her thing. She’s caused a large number of movie stars, including Gal Gadot as her lead double, and is still in popular along with her high-kicking, real prowess.

She claims Jackie Chan is her coach, and she will continue to improve her fighting techinques together with his help. Chan first caught a glimpse of her on ESPN and reached off to have her join him in a co-starring and stunt role in Chinese Zodiac. Their friendship and shared passion for fighting techinques expanded after that.

Martial arts is occasionally a necessity for stunt double-work in Hollywood. It’s Caitlin’s skill with a bo staff and sword, far beyond her black-belt mastery, that helped her secure her newest blockbuster look.

Caitlin Dechelle’s link with Star Wars

Caitlin Dechelle obtained a task in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as you of Daisy Ridley’s stunt doubles. She leveled as much as a black buckle in Taekwondo during the chronilogical age of 14. She informed Elle that she then dedicated to getting adept with every tool she might get her arms on – nevertheless the blade ended up being her niche.

That sword-wielding mastery came in convenient whenever she obtained the lightsaber. She impressed everybody on ready and told Elle she has actually a top-secret gig on The Mandalorian. She couldn’t increase more info on just who she’d be doubling, but cited it absolutely was a, ‘very iconic moment in time.’

Caitlin Dechelle’s link with Taylor Swift

When she’s maybe not flying through air, throwing, or moving a lightsaber, Caitlin Dechelle has an individual and personal life. Among her band of pals, could be the ever-talented Taylor Swift.

They connected whenever Caitlin caused her, as a stunt double within the Bad Blood video clip (2015). They became fast friends then and continue to be so today.

So, while Taylor Swift doesn’t have actually a lightsaber, nor does Star Wars deliver pop singer’s tunes on display screen, they have one link.

Caitlin Dechelle is showing up everywhere, in her stunt two fold roles likely making countless connections between movie stars. With her amount of martial arts-meets weapon-wielding success, she could quickly get to be the ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ of stunt increases.

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