‘Temptation Island’ Stars David Benavidez and Kate Griffith Say Negative Backlash Brought Them Closer

by Jeremy Spirogis
David Benavidez Kate Griffith

After the way David Benavidez behaved on Temptation Island Season 2 and exactly how Kate Griffith stood as much as him in the last bonfire, followers believed the 2 had been never ever reconciling.

However, the few has because announced these are typically currently internet dating much into the dismay of a few people. After a couple of of months, David and Kate went on Instagram Live to resolve concerns and make clear their particular existing scenario.

David Benavidez Kate Griffith
David Benavidez, Kate Griffith | John Tsiavis

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith on ‘Temptation Island’

New Jersey-based few David Benavidez and Kate Griffith had dated for 3 years and moved on Temptation Island to make an effort to log on to exactly the same web page. David nearly instantly dropped into urge and showered with a woman then kissed somebody else nude.

He then slashed things off with both of these and pursued things with another solitary, Toneta Morgan. When their time in the area stumbled on a finish, David thought we would keep with Toneta, and in addition they existed collectively in Los Angeles for a bit.

Meanwhile, Kate investigated an association with Dominique Price but left the island single. A couple of months later on, Toneta subjected David in the reunion for making use of her because he presumably desired to come to be a model and an actor.

Samantha Hoffman, the feminine he showered with, then stated she and David had intercourse as he attemptedto fix their relationship with Kate. On Christmas Eve, after a couple weeks of conjecture, Kate and David launched to their Instagram reports they are straight back collectively.

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith explained why they continued ‘Temptation Island’

On January 16, 2020, the few moved survive David’s Instagram account to answer concerns. They began by describing the reason why they continued the program. According into the few, Kate had been located in Miami, Florida, and David lived in New Jersey, so that the two dated long-distance for some time.

Once they decided for Kate to go in with David, it became difficult on the commitment as Kate needed to cope with brand new elements and a profession modification. David concurred and stated they underestimated the strike the anxiety would take on the relationship, so they really made a decision to go on Temptation Island.

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith say the unfavorable backlash brought all of them closer

When asked the way the two manage the criticism from social networking, David admitted it is hard. Kate agreed and stated people are mean to her, but she attempts to dismiss it.

However, she discovered she allows it remain together with her rather than to be able to ignore it instantly. Even although the previous month or two are harsh, David noted it has additionally brought all of them closer as a few.

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith open up exactly how ‘Temptation Island’ changed them

Even though they usually have gotten plenty of critique from their particular depiction on Temptation Island, the few admitted the feeling changed all of them for the greater.

Kate stated they’re “stronger, understand each other better, and communicate better,” along with been employed by the problems they encountered in the program. Additionally, she noted David opens as much as her much more, and they’re having hard conversations the very first time inside their relationship. 

David Benavidez and Kate Griffith don’t have any curiosity about performing hit interviews

When Samantha and Dominique showed up regarding the Reality Steve podcast, the host noted David and Kate ghosted him. In the Instagram Live, Kate stated she performedn’t proceed through because of the meeting since it “didn’t make sense” to rehash old things she and David have previously worked through.

Additionally, Kate is like authors twist her terms. David concurred and stated these are typically in good destination and just wish to move ahead.

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