Tension in India is at peak due to Modi government's steps: Qureshi

by Patricia Lin
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The Pakistan Foreign Minister alleged on Monday that incidents of ceasefire by Hindustan on the Line of Control (LoC) had increased and the 'unnatural activities' of the Indian Army on the LoC could pose a threat to peace. Qureshi said in a statement directly interfering in the internal affairs of India, "Tensions in India are at the height of the Modi government's steps. <! –

                 No one in India is ready to revoke the special status accorded to Kashmir by the PM and accept the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

There are demonstrations against the Government of India all over the world for implementing this law (CAA). "He said that 'those who think that the Government of India has buried the idea of ​​secular Hindustan and that it is imposing the ideology of Hindu country and Hindutva, they are all participating in these demonstrations. Qureshi on' LoC Aggression ', alleging that' incidents of ceasefire violations on the LoC by India have increased. It has cut the border fence at many places. Indi Unnatural activities of the army are visible. Intelligence institutions have reported a new movement along the border. It is dangerous for regional peace. "Qureshi said that" it is an attempt to cover up all the demonstrations in India which pass Won't happen. '

He said, "The world knows what the Narendra Modi government is doing. I want to tell those who remain silent that this silence is dangerous. This silence can endanger the whole region. When two atomic forces face to face, The matter will not remain for one region. It will go far and it will have a global impact. "

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