Terms of Use

by Jeremy Spirogis
Terms of Use

Visitors Terms and Conditions

Sahiwal Tv makes all content on this website free of charge to the public. The following policies apply to users who use this content:

1.Sharing Policy
2.Comments Policy
3.Complaint Procedure

1.Sharing Policy

All website visitors can share our website links on their personal social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram and others. Sharing must be done through the sharing facility buttons provided with the relevant content. Copying and republishing our content on your personal social media platform is prohibited, even if it contains references to the original source material.

2.Comments Policy

Every visitor of the Website has full freedom to use the comments on various pages, however, the comments are moderated by the institution and we have the right to not post any comment without giving a reason.

Sahiwal Tv strongly believes in freedom of opinion and expression. The company generally considers the following principles when examining comments for publication.

Comments should only be related to the topic under discussion.

Commentators are not permitted to use this feature for any personal purpose such as promoting your business or any other purpose in the comments section that has nothing to do with ongoing discussion.

Comments should not be derogatory and abusive; they should not be intended to impersonate, intimidate or harass anyone.

Other user’s privacy should not be violated through the comments.

Comments should not be against the law enforcement institutions of Pakistan.

All the same principles apply to the commenting facilities on this website’s various Facebook pages and other social media platforms.

3.Complaint Procedure

Visitors can file a complaint about any process of the organization.

To file a complaint

Contact us

Or write your name, address, ID card number and phone number and complaint on the plain paper and send to the following address.

Office Number 12, 3004 NE Tennessee Ln, Prineville, OR, 97754, United States of America

Phone: +1 541 447 4727

Within one month of receipt of the complaint, the company will inquire into the relevant staff and, if necessary, the legal expert and send a response to the complainant.