The 1 Thing Fans Dislike About Drake and Future’s “Life Is Good”

by Jeremy Spirogis
Drake and Future performing on stage

After days of hinting, Drake and Future circulated their latest collaboration, a track known as “Life Is Good” on January 10 – that includes a songs movie. Fans had been happy, songs experts had been mainly good, and online streaming solutions had been humming utilizing the demand. 

But although fans are excitedly awaiting the 2 rappers to discharge another track, quite a few get one significant issue about “Life is Good.” Drake and Future’s reputation for working collectively is lengthy and well-received, but this time around individuals aren’t therefore certain one section of the track works.

Fans aren’t pleased relating to this something

Drake and Future performing on stage
Drake and Future | Prince Williams/WireImage

The video clip for “Life Is Good” functions the two rappers in a number of jobs: trash enthusiasts, IT employees, automobile mechanics, junk food workers, cooks, and much more. The duo is apparently having an enjoyable experience at their particular numerous locations of work, dance, playing, and essentially becoming the kind of workers that might be fired before instruction week had been over. 

But although the movie is of enjoyable, followers complain that the switch between your start verse with Drake towards the last half with Future fails to make an association. The video clip brings the 2 halves collectively, but individuals aren’t certain the track works all together.

People are referring to it

As one commenter on Reddit stated, “Don’t get me wrong, it sounds great but this isn’t a collab at all…it sounds like two completely different songs, one by Drake and one by Future, just clipped together lol.”

For many fans, this not enough transition is not a challenge. As another Redditor stated, “first half of the song is amazing, second half of the song is amazing, dont know wtf theyre doing in the same song but i honestly dont mind since both parts are equally great.”

Others weren’t therefore type. Some insisted that Drake’s half ended up being the greatest, other people that Future’s ended up being demonstrably better, while many dismissed the entire task, just like the individual who stated, “Listening to Drake’s component: I’m disappointed. Listening to Future’s component: Still disappointed. sips tea”

The two have actually collaborated before and they’ll again

Although their best-known collaboration ended up being the record album they revealed in 2015, What A Time To Be Alive, Future and Drake been employed by collectively on a number of tasks, going dating back to 2011. They seem to savor the teamwork, and followers and experts alike tend to be thinking about whatever they show up with. 

Future has stated they work very well collectively because their particular focus could be the songs. “Right from the first conversation, I was like, ‘Man, you don’t even have to do this for me. I know you’re big right now and I’m just doing mixtapes. I’m good where I’m at.’ But he reached out and every time it’s been about the music for me.”

What A Time To Be Alive was so well-known that followers are longing for a sequel for four many years today. Along utilizing the clues that revealed “Life Is Good” ended up being on its method, Drake and Future happen losing tips they might be coming back for What A Time To Be Alive 2. In interviews and Instagram movies, they’ve let enough slip that pleasure is working also higher. 

Fans can’t wait to obtain their particular fingers regarding the sequel to What A Time To Be Alive, whether or not the a reaction to “Life Is Good” is just a little combined. With two artists whom produce up to these two do, its not all track is likely to be perfect. Future and Drake have actually an extended and effective record to show that whether or perhaps not everyone loves their particular most recent track, there’s something exciting to come. 

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