The Action Picks up and Ahsoka Unknowingly Runs Into a Familiar Face in ‘the Clone Wars’ Episode 7 — Review

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ahsoka uses the Force in Episode 7,

The Clone Wars’ remaining season has garnered loads of optimistic evaluations, together with Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s. However, there are some that discovered the final couple of episodes missing. Whether it’s within the motion division or Ahsoka’s story, it’s semi-understandable. But when you’re in that lot, Episode 7, “Dangerous Debt,” will certainly make you content. It revs up the motion and Ahsoka’s story. Plus the long run Siege of Mandalore arc is discovering its footing with this episode. It’s turning into extra clear how these previous two episodes, and now this one, results in the top. 

Ahsoka uses the Force in Episode 7, 'The Clone Wars' Season 7.
Ahsoka makes use of the Force in Episode 7, ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 | Disney+

Ahsoka lastly finds out that Rafa and Trace’s hate for the Jedi is private 

Last episode we left off with Ahsoka, Rafa, and Trace captured by the Pykes on Oba Diah, their planet. Now, Ahsoka and the Martez sisters are in a jail cell, and it’s very a lot a blame recreation. Who’s most at fault for getting them on this mess? Rafa thinks it’s Ahsoka, for simply being there when the difficulty began. 

However, this second within the cell provides the viewers, and Ahsoka, perception into why the Martez sisters really hate the Jedi. It’s extra than simply disdain for a gaggle they noticed with an excessive amount of energy. Their mother and father had been really killed due to Jedi chasing Jabba the Hut’s uncle Ziro on Coruscant. This almost certainly traces up with the finale of Season 1 of The Clone Wars, with the red-eyed alien being Cad Bane and the green-skinned Jedi being Luminara (in all probability), nevertheless, that chase isn’t proven on-screen. 

Ahsoka finds out the truth behind why Rafa and Trace Martez hate the Jedi.Ahsoka finds out the truth behind why Rafa and Trace Martez hate the Jedi.
Ahsoka finds out the reality behind why Rafa and Trace Martez hate the Jedi | Disney+

But, what does hit house is how the Jedi handled this lack of life. Luminara, or whoever the inexperienced Jedi was, got here to the sisters and advised them, “I had to make a choice. But not to worry; the Force will be with you.” And left. It exhibits the Jedi’s outlook; their disregard for civilians within the grand scheme of getting the unhealthy man. 

It additionally exhibits how flawed their detachment from feelings makes them. It traces up completely with how Ahsoka’s framing was handled in Season 5. All the masters, aside from a couple of like Anakin and Obi-Wan, stated Ahsoka ought to be glad about what occurred. Mace Windu even stated, “This was your great test.” Totally glossing over the truth that they turned their backs on her in her biggest want for them and banned her once they had little proof. 

Ahsoka and the sisters make a run for it and catch the attention of Bo-Katan

Luckily, Trace is a bit more succesful this episode — she appears to be a quick learner below stress — and he or she’s capable of escape the guards earlier than being tortured. This permits Ahsoka and Rafa to additionally get out, because of Ahsoka’s Force skills. 

In truth, that is essentially the most motion we’ve seen from Ahsoka to this point. She’s getting far more snug utilizing her Jedi powers outdoors the realm of being a Jedi. She’s being cautious as a result of she nonetheless doesn’t wish to give away her true id. But odds are Rafa and Trace will be taught of her Jedi previous subsequent episode, because it’s the final one on this arc. 

Also, the Mandalorian Ahsoka runs previous when making an attempt to flee is Bo-Katan. She was once part of Death Watch, a radical group of pro-violence Mandalorians. They cut up off from the primary sect of their planet, ruled by Duchess Satine Kryze, who selected passivism and stayed impartial within the Clone Wars. However, they had been taken over by Maul and his brother, together with a number of crime lords together with the Pykes. This group now governs Mandalore.

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Bo-Katan acknowledges Ahsoka from when Lux Bonteri took Ahsoka to Carlac in Season 4. That’s at all times a great arc to return to if solely to see Ahsoka decapitate 4 Mandalorians in a single transfer. Iconic, doesn’t even start to cowl it. 

Bo-Katan is with three others, additionally defectors. They are on a “mission,” and one among her companions thinks Ahsoka might compromise them. Without spoiling something, it looks like Bo-Katan’s major goal can be to take Mandalore again from Maul, resulting in the Siege of Mandalore. She states that Ahsoka “could be of use” to them, which foreshadows how Ahsoka will get concerned and the way she additionally will get the Republic on their aspect too. 

Ahsoka is getting used to preventing once more, which is able to come in useful shifting ahead

Outside of her Force powers, her Jedi coaching additionally is useful. We know she is aware of easy methods to battle, and at last seeing Ahsoka let free is such a great feeling. She makes use of it to her benefit, and never simply bodily. All these years as a commander within the conflict helps her in robust conditions like this. Even in the event that they do find yourself again in a cell on the finish of the episode. 

Ahsoka and the Martez sisters in a Pyke jail cell.Ahsoka and the Martez sisters in a Pyke jail cell.
Ahsoka and the Martez sisters in a Pyke jail cell | Disney+

The title card this episode learn, “Who you were does not have to define who you are.” Ahsoka is studying extra about how the Jedi functioned outdoors the eyes of the Order. Ahsoka was at all times doing her finest to be one of the best Padawan and Jedi she could possibly be. She took the Code severely and handled her classes with respect. But now the rose-colored glass with which she considered the Order is shattering.

However, this doesn’ imply she has to shatter with it. She was a Jedi, however being a Jedi doesn’t outline her anymore, as the road stated. It’s thrilling to see the place she can be by the top of the season.

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