‘The Bachelor’: Is Alayah Real or Fake? Fans Are Torn Over Whether to Believe Her

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Bachelor Season 24 Contestants

During week three of The Bachelor, Peter Weber took eight women on an organization day, and drama ensued. Let’s take a good look at the reason why everybody is speaing frankly about Alayah and whether or otherwise not she’s in the program for the right reasons. 

[Warning: The Bachelor Season 24 spoilers ahead]

The Bachelor Season 24 Contestants
Peter Weber with Season 24 participants | ABC/Craig Sjodin

How did Alayah get called away to be artificial on ‘The Bachelor’?

This few days on The Bachelor, Demi Burnett plans the team day. She wakes most of the women up with huge cushions and a megaphone. The previous Bachelor in Paradise star offers each contestant underwear and different nighttime use when it comes to day. Some from it is hideous. Then she takes all of them to generally meet Peter.

When they arrive, the women must cushion battle each various other until one champion is remaining standing. They get at it in Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight Club until Burnett announces that Alayah is the champion. 

While in the day, Sydney calls out Alayah to be artificial directly to her face. Then she goes behind Alayah’s as well as informs Weber that a number of the women can be maybe not here when it comes to correct explanations. He is visibly annoyed and asks her to inform him just who she’s speaing frankly about. Sydney will not think twice to phone down Alayah in the front of everybody else. 

“That freaks me out so much that I could end up developing feelings for someone that is not being genuine with me,” Weber informed Sydney. 

Throughout the rest of this event, Weber spends their time trying to puzzle out if Alayah is informing him the facts or otherwise not. He concerns other women who all toss her underneath the coach. He’s extremely upset within the whole crisis and eventually ends up delivering Alayah home. 

Our preferred pilot continues to be upset after the flower service. Then throughout the moments from few days 4, followers discover that Alayah returns.

On one part, followers believe Alayah is lying and artificial

“Me at the beginning of the episode: Who the heck is Alayah??” composed one Bachelor fan on Twitter. “Me at the end of the episode: ALAYAH MUST GO HOME.”

Some fans are particularly troubled in addition 24-year-old Miss Texas speaks as you’re watching digital camera. They realize that she changes her character whenever Weber is about and even though the movie is moving.

“Her voice goes up 5 octaves when the cameras come on,” tweeted another audience.

Many fans additionally genuinely believe that Alayah is just in the program to market by herself and get more Instagram supporters.

“Now I won’t get my sugar bear hair partnership,” one Twitter individual tweeted, suggesting that this can be most likely exactly what Alayah says given that she failed to get a flower.

Other fans reacted that she’d probably get the cooperation despite becoming delivered residence. If she ended up being here when it comes to promotion, she performed get a good amount of it with tonight’s episode. 

Some ‘Bachelor’ followers tend to be appalled that one other ladies put Alayah underneath the coach

“This episode is making me so mad!” wrote one Instagram user to Alayah. “I am so sorry they teamed up on you!”

Alayah supporters feel that one other women can be wanting to eliminate their particular competitors.

“He jumped to conclusions!” another Instagram individual stated about Weber. “Obviously, the other girls don’t like her because she’s the competition!”

Numerous fans were fast to defend Alayah and apologize for the way the various other participants managed her in the program.

“I’m so sorry you got ganged up on,” included another lover. “Sydney is clearly very immature; if she had an issue with you, she should’ve had a mature conversation with you, instead of interrogating you.”

It looks like followers tend to be torn about this one. Some think that Alayah is artificial and may maybe not keep coming back. However, others genuinely believe that it absolutely was maybe not suitable for one other ladies to share with you her adversely to Weber. We’ll know if she’ll hang in there in the next bout of The Bachelor, Jan. 27, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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