‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’: Ryan Neal Is Immediately a Clear Fan Favorite

by Jeremy Spirogis
Ryan Neal

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart premiered on April 13, and already followers are choosing their favorites. One clear favourite emerged early: Ryan Neal.

Ryan is a 28-year-old jazz, funk, pop, and R&B musician who resides in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Ryan Neal | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Ryan Neal | John Fleenor by way of Getty Images

His ABC bio reads:

“Ryan aspired to become a pop star early on, so he started playing guitar at a very young age. He found his roots as an artist when he rented a house in Nova Scotia on a secluded lake to write and produce his original music. Recently breaking up with his girlfriend of two years, Ryan has been unlucky in romance and has struggled to find someone who respects his musical aspirations. Ryan is looking for someone who understands the unique challenges of dating an artist. He has never dated a musician and is excited to finally give it a shot.”

Additionally, Ryan “loves to break it down on the dance floor,” “has a studio at his home, where he creates original music,” and “can eat an entire pizza in one sitting.”

Bachelor Nation favors Ryan over Trevor for Jamie

In the primary episode, Ryan hit it off with a pop-country musician named Jamie Gabrielle. They went on a one-on-one that included a recording session at Capitol Records. But whereas Jamie was forming a reference to Ryan, she was additionally forming a reference to Trevor Holmes, a country-pop artist who lives in Encino, California.

Fans felt Jamie had a transparent resolution to make.

“Jamie fighting between Ryan and Trevor is a Hannah Brown parallel but we’re all screaming at the screen for her to protect Ryan instead of Tyler,” tweeted one fan.

Fans have been upset when Jamie gave her rose to Trevor over Ryan.

“So Jamie clearly doesn’t understand basic math and logic….. Ryan > Trevor,” wrote one Twitter consumer.

“how could jamie rlly pick trevor over ryan,” wrote one other.

One Bachelor fan has a concept as to why: “Jamie likes kissing Trevor more than she likes kissing Ryan and you can take that to the bank,” they tweeted.

Bachelor Nation stans Ryan Neal

The Jamie, Trevor, Ryan love triangle apart, Bachelor Nation has spoken and is rooting for Ryan’s absolute happiness and success.

“It’s official. Ryan is the cutest and deserves the world,” tweeted one fan.

“Ryan’s voice tho #ListenToYourHeart#TheBachelorLTYH,” wrote one other.

“ryan’s 20 minutes on screen is already better than peter’s entire season,” wrote one other.

“Ryan really can sing, and he is hot!!” tweeted one other.

Based on the previews for the second episode, it appears Jamie’s going to seek out out some less-than-flattering stuff about Trevor and his habits in previous relationships. Will she give Ryan one other shot? Would Ryan even have an interest? We’ll should see. It looks as if so long as Ryan stays on the present, followers are pleased.

The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at eight p.m. on ABC.

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