‘The Bachelor’: Reality Steve Thinks Colton Underwood Went on His Podcast ‘With [an] Agenda’ and Fed Him ‘a Lot of BS’ After Reviewing Cassie Randolph’s Restraining Order Documents

by Jeremy Spirogis
Colton Underwood

On Sept. 11, Cassie Randolph filed a brief restraining order towards former bachelor Colton Underwood. Just one month prior, Underwood was a visitor on Reality Steve’s podcast the place he spoke about his relationship with Randolph. Looking again, the fact TV blogger says, “I clearly think now he came on with [an] agenda.”

“We’ve now come to find out how he presented himself on the podcast wasn’t lining up with how their relationship was going. In fact, almost 180 degrees different.”

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood | Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Tubi

Colton Underwood’s interview with Reality Steve in Aug.

When Underwood was interviewed by Reality Steve for his podcast on Aug. 13, they spoke about many issues regarding Bachelor Nation. They, in fact, touched on Randolph and the place the previous soccer participant at the moment stood along with his ex.

Underwood spoke about his emotions relating to Randolph’s interview with Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Despite his passive-aggressive Instagram post beforehand aimed toward Randolph, he mentioned he was upset with the franchise for taking “advantage of her.”

“Cass stayed extremely professional and extremely quiet about our breakup, which I was so happy and thankful for,” he mentioned on the podcast. “I even texted her and was like, ‘Man I appreciate that, thank you.’ What bugged me was the fact that that show took advantage of her. I feel very defensive over people I love. I know Cassie’s a big girl and can fight her own battles, but I know her heart — she doesn’t want to rock the boat and she loves people even if they abuse her or even if they take advantage of her, which is what they did.”

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Underwood additionally mentioned that he and his ex had been again on good phrases. He mentioned they’d talked the whole lot out and he nonetheless considered her as “amazing.”

“I have nothing but good things and love and well-wishes and friendship with Cassie right now. I love the girl and miss the girl dearly,” he mentioned.

Reality Steve’s response to Cassie Randolph’s short-term restraining order towards Colton Underwood

In his column about Randolph’s short-term restraining order (which he refers to as TRO), Steve writes that he “didn’t have the slightest idea at the time [when he interviewed Underwood last month] (nor did anyone else other than people in that inner circle) what was going on in his relationship with Cassie.”

After reviewing the courtroom paperwork, Steve realized all the incidents talked about happened earlier than the blogger interviewed Underwood on his podcast.

“It sucks, but there’s nothing I can do now other than realize he fed me a lot of BS in that interview and he won’t be on again,” he mentioned.

Steve feels it was solely a matter of time earlier than the true nature of Underwood and Randolph’s post-breakup dynamic got here out.

“While all of us were shocked last Friday when this story hit the media, apparently those in that inner circle have known about this for a while,” he wrote. “It was only a matter of time before this was gonna get out. There were too many people who knew, I’m hearing Colton shared with a lot of people that he was struggling with being stalked and then later admitted that it was actually him, and now here we are.”

Steve went on to put in writing that he feels Underwood “needs help.”

“And I hope he gets it,” he continued. “He was 1000% wrong for what he did from placing a tracking device on her car, to making himself the victim in certain texts, to then MAKING UP texts from a number scaring Cassie and sending to himself. Inexcusable. Cassie filing clearly seemed to be the only way to get across to him and I hope he learns his lesson from it and gets some help.”

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