‘The Bachelor’ Rose Ceremony Tradition Came From This 1 Classic Rock Band

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘The Bachelor’ Rose Ceremony Tradition Came From This 1 Classic Rock Band

The Bachelor franchise is synonymous with roses, however why did the producers select the rose? Chris Harrison has at all times mentioned, “This is the final rose,” however what if he mentioned, “This is the final necklace.” It doesn’t sound correct in any respect. Fans are about to seek out out the that means behind these roses. 

'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison with lead Peter Weber
‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison with lead Peter Weber handing out a rose | VALERIE MACON/AFP by way of Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ rose ceremony initially had the ladies seated round a desk

When Mike Fleiss got here up with the concept for The Bachelor, he agonized over each minute element. One factor the producers careworn about was how the rose ceremony would look. 

“The original concept was that they would all be seated at a table,” Fleiss instructed The Cut. “The Bachelor would walk around and place roses in front of the girls that he wanted to stay. But it seemed dorky.” 

Then the producers tried to have the women sit on couches, but it surely didn’t look proper. Another thought was to have them staggered on staircases. 

“We thought, ‘Well, that looks like they’re singing in a choir,’” Harrison defined to the outlet.

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The final thought was to have the contestants all standing in a horseshoe so the cameras might see everybody’s faces. Then the Bachelor would stand at a podium beneath an arch.

“It had this great formality,” Harrison mentioned.

The image of the rose got here from a traditional rock band

When Chris Harrison recollects how the rose ceremony took place, he knew they have been looking for an emblem that made sense. They wished the viewers to take a look at the ladies and know instantly who was protected from elimination.

“There were massive discussions of, ‘What would a guy give a girl that is a token, that is something that’s visual?’ Would it be a necklace?” he recollects. “At the beginning, it was just a tool to differentiate people that had been picked from those who hadn’t on-screen.”

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Creator Mike Fleiss at all times pictured the elimination involving roses. 

“I like the Grateful Dead, and they have a lot of roses, and they sing about roses a lot, so maybe that was it?” he tries to recollect. “It just seemed like a perfect symbol. I didn’t even consider anything else.”

How did the producers plan to have the Bachelor hand out the roses?

The Bachelor is stuffed with rituals and traditions. The rose ceremony was created and has remained the identical over 24 seasons. The lead takes excruciatingly lengthy at hand out the roses as a result of the director desires it that manner. The Bachelor isn’t allowed to say a reputation till he will get the sign. 

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“The reason why you have all those wonderful shots of people perspiring and getting nervous is that literally what should take about 20 or 30 seconds, I would milk those moments for probably two or three minutes,” director Jason Carbone instructed The Cut. 

The entire rose ceremony is drawn out on function.

“I knew that I needed to create drama, and the best way to create drama amongst ladies competing against the same gentleman is making them wait and making them sweat.”

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