‘The Bachelor’: Victoria F. Accused of Bullying ‘An Incredible Amount of People’ by Former Classmate: ‘She Was a Living Nightmare’

by Jeremy Spirogis
Victoria F headshot on The Bachelor

The Bachelor this season is chock-full of villains. Are all of the contestants villains? Perhaps. But one identify has stood out in current weeks, as controversies about her modeling “White Lives Matter” T-shirts and nobody seeming to know the true reality behind her relationship (or lack thereof) along with her one-on-one date leisure, nation singer Chase Rice. Recently, somebody who went to center college with Fuller accused the Bachelor contestant of being a bully. The former classmate claims Fuller continually harassed her about her physique hair.

Victoria F headshot on The Bachelor
Victoria Fuller | Maarten de Boer/ABC through Getty Images

Did ‘The Bachelor’ contestant Victoria Fuller body-shame different ladies in center college?

Recently, a Tweet went out that, relying in your opinion of Victoria Fuller on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, shocked you, or reconfirmed what you already knew about her. No one on Pilot Pete’s season is an angel, however this accusation is tough, if true.

“I went to center college with one of many contestants on the Bachelor,” the tweeter wrote, “and she bullied me so hard for having dark arm hair that I shaved them for the next 7 years over fear of looking ‘like a gorilla.’”

Initially, the Twitter consumer didn’t identify Fuller instantly. But after the “White Lives Matter” footage surfaced, they name-dropped. And hashtagged. And tagged The Bachelor’s Twitter account. We stan a petty queen.

“Oh apparently she is in some controversy right now so I’m gonna name drop,” they wrote. “It was completely #victoriafuller on @BachelorABC and he or she was a dwelling nightmare that harassed an unimaginable quantity of individuals.”

We’re going to imagine that the “like a gorilla” phrase is in quotes within the first tweet as a result of it’s one thing Fuller mentioned. Calling individuals names is dangerous sufficient. Bullying in any respect is just not acceptable. But the allegation that Fuller was shaming one other lady for her physique hair–and evaluating it to a gorilla, is over-the-top horrifying.

Victoria F on the BachelorVictoria F on the Bachelor
Victoria F. on the REVOLVE Fashion present group date | Eric McCandless/ABC through Getty Images

Why are all the ladies within the forged of Pilot Pete’s season 24 so imply?

Tragically, Fuller’s persona appears to suit proper in on this season. On Juliet Litman’s podcast Bachelor Party, she was not pleased with the meanness of Pilot Pete’s contestants.

“The cattiness of the women this season I’m not that into,” Litman mentioned. “I don’t particularly love it.” Both Litman and her visitor Lauren Zima agreed that Alayah was “vilified” for simply being type of annoying.

“The problem is, no one likes her,” Litman mentioned. “She hasn’t really done anything.”

“Her personality turns people off,” Zima agreed. She gave the Bachelor contestants good recommendation: “You’re using your time with him to yell at him. Stay above the fray, go high … Use your time to get to know each other, not berate him.”

On Chatty Broads, one other Bachelor podcast, the hosts agreed.

“These girls are so out to get each other from day one,” Bekah Martinez, a former Bachelor contestant herself, complained. She mentioned the expertise on Arie’s season was not like that in any respect. They didn’t get alongside on a regular basis, however they at the least tried to.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Martinez mentioned. “Unprecedented evil.”

 Victoria F on The Bachelor Victoria F on The Bachelor
Victoria Fuller’s entrance on The Bachelor | John Fleenor/ABC through Getty Images

Ambrose fully agreed: “unprecedented viciousness,” she mentioned.

“It’s not even like they’re fighting over Peter, either,” Martinez mentioned. “It’s just like, ‘I don’t like this b*tch.’”

However, the case of Victoria Fuller: if she actually mentioned the issues she’s accused of, and really was a nightmare of a bully in class? Well then, we don’t actually like that b*tch.

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