‘The Bachelorette’: Blake Horstmann Says Contestants ‘Literally Los[e] Money by Having a 9-5 Job’ if They Don’t Become Influencers

by Jeremy Spirogis
Colton Underwood and Blake Horstmann at the Smirnoff Hard Seltzer Festival

It’s no secret that contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are sometimes catapulted into Instagram stardom after their time on TV. As Instagram continues to develop in reputation, the here-for-the-wrong-reasons drama solely builds.

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Blake Horstmann just lately stated that contestants get supplied a lot cash after their time on the present that they really lose out by protecting their common 9-5 jobs.

Colton Underwood and Blake Horstmann at the Smirnoff Hard Seltzer Festival
Colton Underwood and Blake Horstmann | Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Smirnoff Seltzer

Blake Horstmann talks about turning into an influencer after showing on ‘The Bachelorette’

Before Horstmann was an influencer, DJ, and podcast host, he bought beer. In an Instagram Q&A he did along with his followers again in Aug., one fan requested him about his pre-fame work life.

“I sold beer lol,” he wrote. “Worked for Coors Distributing Company. It’s a fun industry, but trust me those beer reps work damn hard. It isn’t just drinking beer and shaking hands lol.”

During the identical Q&A one other fan requested Horstmann if he’s “ever embarrassed by selling things and having ‘promo codes’ on Instagram.”

“Haha sometimes,” he responded. “I always make sure it’s products or experiences I use. Never thought I would be an ‘influencer’ lol. But don’t act like you wouldn’t.”

Horstmann did one other Q&A on Nov. 30 the place he spoke extra concerning the alternatives contestants are introduced with after their season airs.

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“Do bachelor(ette) contestants maintain real jobs after the show?” requested one fan.

“I mean ya some do,” he responded. “I kept selling beer for 8 months after the show. But then eventually you are literally losing money by having a 9-5 job. You miss out on opportunities and appearances. It was a very difficult decision to quit my job. It’s hard to let go of security like that.”

The actuality star went on to say that he doesn’t “think people understand the amount of money people make off of brand deals.”

“Cracks me up when people make fun of us for ‘selling out,’” he wrote. “Like some of these girls off the show make close to 7 figures the first year. *Cue women signing up for the show.” 

Blake Horstmann’s recommendation for anybody who goes on ‘The Bachelor’ or ‘The Bachelorette’

Another fan requested Horstmann what recommendation he’d give to “people coming off the show.”

While the cash and alternatives contestants are sometimes introduced with are likened to “[winning] the lottery” by Horstmann, all of it comes at a value.

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“People are going to love you one minute and hate you the next and hate you one minute and love you the next,” he wrote. “They are gonna hate you for dumb reasons. But love you for even dumber reasons. Live the life you want. Don’t let producers, managers, or sudden new ‘friends’ tell you how to live. They won’t be there in a year or 2. Hell prob not even 6 months.”

Still, although, Horstmann urges contestants to “enjoy it.”

“You basically won the lottery,” he continued. “Don’t let people guilt you for taking advantage of opportunities. Those people would do the say every time. #HATERSGONNAHATE.”

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