The Best Stephen King Movies Based On His Short Stories

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Best Stephen King Movies Based On His Short Stories

7. The Langoliers (“The Langoliers” from Four Past Midnight)

Okay, perhaps I’m dishonest just a little right here since The Langoliers was technically a TV miniseries, however individuals are all the time speaking concerning the unique It “movie” with Tim Curry although that was a miniseries, too, so there. Plus, I simply love The Langoliers. The story issues a bunch of individuals on a airplane who handle to slide via time. And they need to turn into unstuck in time or The Langoliers, which appear to be flying variations of the Isz from the comedian e book, The Maxx, will get them. It’s fairly badass.

Yes, the particular results for The Langoliers are horrible today, however the pressure constructing as much as assembly them, and the general creepiness of the story itself, is tremendous efficient. Also, can we please get a remake of The Langoliers? We obtained one for Pet Sematery that we didn’t want (however was fairly good anyway). So, how about The Langoliers? This one might undoubtedly use one.

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