‘The Big Bang Theory’: Was Penny’s Drinking a Problem?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Beverly Hofstadter(Christine Baranski), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco)

What happens whenever a fairly blond moves in across the street to a
handful of physicists? Well, in accordance with The
Big Bang Theory
she befriends all of them and finally drops deeply in love with
one of these. Penny, whoever final name’s never ever revealed, had been the glue that handled
to bind the tv show collectively for 12 months, but followers regarding the recommended show have actually
long wondered whether or not the consuming she performed regarding the show constituted an issue?
So, had been Penny
an alcohol?

Was Penny an alcohol?

Penny’s drinking ended up beingn’t regarded as an issue when it comes to first couple of
months of The Big Bang Theory, but since the tv show garnered a larger following,
increasingly more followers started initially to explain they thought Penny could have already been
an alcohol. Reddit
fans have discussed the possibility multiple times
, noting that Penny usually
utilizes liquor to flee reality and that she’s had significant cases of blacking
away. Does that make her an alcoholic, though?

According to The
National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
, one is identified
with an alcoholic abuse condition when they satisfy two of twelve requirements through the
exact same 12-month period. The requirements for alcoholic abuse disorder usually concentrates
on whether or otherwise not consuming has actually triggered an issue in an individual’s life, or if perhaps
they encounter cravings and desires for liquor. Penny, while she definitely
liked booze to flee, does not seem to fit the requirements for a real condition,
according to understanding noticed in the tv show.

Penny’s drinking didn’t hinder her power to work.
It would not avoid her from participating in tasks she liked, and she performedn’t
appear to spot by herself in dangerous circumstances. Penny additionally performedn’t seem to
knowledge cravings or detachment signs whenever she performedn’t drink, nor performed she ever before
seem to have difficulties you should definitely imbibing. Overall, Penny had been a heavier
drinker than some, nonetheless it does not look as if she had been an issue drinker or
headed toward alcoholism.

Penny’s consuming generally seems to stage down ultimately

While some fans assert that Penny had a consuming issue
once you check second months, you are able to inform that she’s matured, along with her
consuming seems to stage down considerably, specifically as she
heads into a more serious relationship with Leonard
. She also centuries
substantially from the beginning regarding the tv show into the show finale.

Beverly Hofstadter(Christine Baranski), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco)
Beverly Hofstadter(Christine Baranski), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco)| Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

It’s crucial to keep in mind that
if the show premiers, Penny is meant to be 22 years of age whenever she techniques
in over the hallway from Sheldon
and Leonard
. She is newly solitary, and reasonably younger, indicating her
ingesting and partying may likely be at its level. During the show’s earliest
months, Penny seems to take in with buddies while out dance, but as she
many years, she generally seems to invest additional time consuming in her own apartment, either alone, or
with Bernadette
and Amy. Penny may drink significantly more than normal, but it’s difficult to call her drinking,
at the least to the tail-end regarding the show, challenging.  

Some fans believe her consuming was stepped right back substantially
after article authors noticed followers dealing with it. If that is the truth, it could recommend
tv show designers never designed to cast Penny as an issue drinker. Since she actually is,
in reality, an imaginary personality, it could be thought she wasn’t an alcohol. If
that has been the purpose, the article authors most likely could have included that information
into the show, sooner or later.

Its possible writers had been wanting to offer her a darker spin

Penny, portrayed by Kaley
, had beenn’t originally written once the bubbly blond that fans expanded to understand
and love. In reality, Cuoco had been never ever expected to play her in the 1st destination. When
the initial pilot had been shot, Penny’s personality performedn’t occur. Instead, a next-door
next-door neighbor known as Katie had been allowed to be played by Amanda Walsh.

Katie had been far deeper than Penny, and demonstrably had even more road
smarts compared to the loveably Penny. The
unaired pilot
shows her being far edgier compared to the ultimate Penny. The
personality of Katie had been cleaned through the show if the idea didn’t test well.
To replace the next-door neighbor, Cuoco had been cut back in, but rather of dark and edgy,
she had been suggested to try out the part as nice and a little bit naive. She performed exactly that,
while the personality of Penny came to be. It’s feasible that the article authors attempted to fall
a little bit of side back to he part by portraying Penny as a little bit of an issue

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