The Controversial ‘Seinfeld’ Episode That Never Aired Might Pass on television Today

by Jeremy Spirogis
An episode of Seinfeld

Now 22 years taken off whenever Seinfeld left the airwaves (and 31 because it premiered), the tv show continues to be very popular than in the past. That and Friends prove exactly how much of a goldmine NBC had throughout the ’90s and very early 2000s with both programs on Thursday evenings.

In more the past few years, some interesting tales have already come out about planned Seinfeld attacks, however eventually pulled because of debate. One designed for the 2nd period had been uncovered when you look at the news about six years back, though appears much more appropriate today when you look at the aftermath of your violent tradition.

This episode (known as “The Bet”) handled a few storylines, but had one concerning a bet whether Elaine would get a weapon. Having a show revolve around guns made everyone else uncomfortable then. So would such an episode look at better today or remain also delicate?

An episode of Seinfeld
Andy Ackerman, manager | Joseph Delvalle/NBCU Photo Bank

‘Seinfeld’ writers had been pressing the envelope early

Any lover of Seinfeld knows the tv show tackled numerous taboo topics that no various other previous sitcom dared try passing by NBC censors. Only 1970s-era All when you look at the Family could possibly be believed to press comparable buttons, though squeezed by due to the framework to be within a household.

Within the field of Seinfeld, it absolutely was about becoming solitary, that is planning to mean far more salacious content. Sometimes this meant going into topics solitary individuals frequently cope with, that might add purchasing a gun.

Having a story associated with the dudes wagering whether Elaine would get a weapon to safeguard by herself apparently had an adverse effect through the cast whenever it emerged time for you rehearse. It produced such a stir that NBC made a decision to allow event pass.

Part for this included utilizing a certain term for firearms the actors didn’t consent to total on-air. Yes, it absolutely was just a little bold to mention to “a Kennedy” as a gun shooting strategy.

Back in 1991, Americans had no concept just what it absolutely was set for on weapon physical violence

Consider this is 1991 whenever The Bet had been written, a period most will say was just a little complacent here in America. Even though there is a threat of war previously that 12 months with Iraq, nearly all of which was away from head before summer time, making almost all of the ’90s in a situation of bliss.

By the time Seinfeld found its stride creatively, Bill Clinton had been President and everybody had no ideas of physical violence becoming extremely endemic right here in the us. Mass shootings had been however taking place, however at the very least maybe not when you look at the development virtually every few days. Why it was the scenario then continues to be up for discussion.

Some will nevertheless state increasing physical violence in enjoyment later established a far more violent state of mind. Others will say 9/11 permanently changed the trajectory of your nation in psychological state as well as in financial chaos.

All of those elements tend to be probably at fault, excluding loosening weapon legislation in certain says. Little performed the writing group at Seinfeld understand their particular little banned episode might have truly resonated 25-30 years later on.

The episode would probably be prohibited today

From the outset, it may appear an event similar to this would look at better now if Seinfeld had been nevertheless in first-run. After all, with several associated with the subjects the show covered becoming relatively standard today (or at the very least on cable/streaming), it’s well worth thinking whether a comedy event about purchasing a gun for security would truly resonate.

During a period whenever size shootings tend to be happening just about any time in certain elements of the U.S., just what is the response to such an episode in 2020? Would it is permitted in an occasion whenever comedy is much more ready to accept bold topics? Or would it not deal with the wrath from anti-gun audiences and trigger a total event banishment?

If Seinfeld were strictly a streaming show today, they are able to get-away along with it — probably maybe not had they however already been on NBC, however. All the more explanation to trust a show like Seinfeld won’t occur again on conventional communities, particularly on NBC where more family members development has brought precedence to remove such a thing extremely edgy.

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