The Fate of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Depends from the 1 Character the Show Will Never Replace

by Jeremy Spirogis
The cast of Grey

Grey’s Anatomy is among the most well known programs on tv – almost everyone is conscious of that reality. Each week, scores of followers stay tuned to start to see the drama unfold at Grey-Sloan Memorial, together with program seems not to dissatisfy.

Over the years, it would appear that the group of followers of Grey’s Anatomy has actually grown a great deal larger, with many men and women getting addicted to the land twists, shocks, and interactions.

Recently, Grey’s Anatomy ended up being verified for period 17, which makes it one of many longest-running shows in recent record. Although it is hard to anticipate exactly what will take place in the foreseeable future, many followers will really be unfortunate should this be the final period due to their preferred program.

Even so, there was actually just one one who understands precisely whenever if Grey’s Anatomy is ever going to visited a finish.

The show is still extremely effective, and fans don’t show any signs and symptoms of dropping interest any time soon.

The newest ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ revival ended up being no real surprise to followers

The cast of Grey's Anatomy
ELLEN POMPEO, RICHARD FLOOD | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

According to Hollywood Reporter, it didn’t come as too a lot of a shock whenever program ended up being obtained for still another period. Apparently, Ellen Pompeo had already finalized a two-year agreement to continue featuring in Grey’s Anatomy, therefore fans had been quite sure that they’d be addressed to a minumum of one even more period of these favorite primetime crisis.

One thing that even diehard followers is almost certainly not alert to would be the fact that Pompeo, because the primary focus for the program, is the highest-paid celebrity on a tv drama sets. So, exactly how much has actually she received in past times, and exactly what can she be prepared to get hold of within the future period?

According to CNBC, her brand-new agreement is making her a jaw-dropping $20 million each year.

That does not imply that she wasn’t making a pretty cent in earlier in the day months for the program. Pompeo’s paycheck for every event in 2011 was for a very good $200,000, while that risen to $350,000 by 2013. Not exactly chump change!

Has Ellen Pompeo previously hinted at making the program?

The program essentially revolves around Meredith Grey, so Pompeo clearly understands that she’s got the top of hand. Has she previously hinted at making? Well, relating to E! Online, she really has actually.

At one-point, Pompeo considered the program to be somewhat “toxic,” and she wanted a getaway. She sensed that there is a lot of stress in the ready through the first a decade of Grey’s Anatomy and seriously considered leaving completely.

We are truly pleased that she performedn’t, because no body may have thought that the program would nevertheless be going powerful even today. What made Pompeo difficult it? It ended up being because she ended up being increasing a household when this occurs, and understood that the constant work and protection that came along along with it.

The fate regarding the program relies on Meredith Grey

Often time, it really isn’t too much to change a personality just who chooses to make a quick exit from a tv series, however in Pompeo’s instance, this is certainly very not likely to ever before take place.

The show revolves entirely around her personality, Meredith Grey, and without Pompeo, it simply wouldn’t work. Although no-one knows if period 17 could be the end, that choice will likely be made between Pompeo herself and Shonda Rhimes, that has stated she’d get back provided that Pompeo does.

Fans hope Pompeo may have the need to keep on in her own part as Meredith Grey for several years in the future, because the fate for the program depends entirely upon her. 

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