‘The Good Doctor’: Fans Are Confused By 1 Character’s Totally Abrupt Exit: ‘It’s Bizarre’

by Jeremy Spirogis
‘The Good Doctor’: Fans Are Confused By 1 Character’s Totally Abrupt Exit: ‘It’s Bizarre’

Good Doctor
features a way of
captivating fans
with every event. It appears that in almost every 60-minute time
slot, brand new land things are introduced that carry into the remainder period.
But one interesting discussion between two figures caused one personality
becoming written down (approximately followers believe). And many can’t believe the abrupt exit.

Warning: Spoilers forward!

'The Good Doctor' Carly and Shaun
Shaun and Carly of ‘The Good Doctor’ | Jack Rowand/ABC/Getty Images

‘The Good Doctor’ has actually concentrated its interest on Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Carly Lever

Shaun, who’s an autistic savant, is not great at revealing their thoughts. But that is the thing that makes their commitment with Carly therefore interesting. Though he’s got difficulty in placing their emotions into terms, Carly tends to make him would like to try. The tv show has actually concentrated its interest regarding the two, and they’ve been dealing with a little bit of a rough plot since Shaun permitted their then-roommate, Lea, to comfort him after coping with their daddy.

Carly had an arduous time accepting Shaun’s nearness with Lea, plus it had been causing a divide within their commitment.

Carly recently asked Shaun to cease coping with Lea

Toward the termination of period 3 event 11, Carly thought that the only path she will keep witnessing Shaun was if he requested Lea to transfer. Shaun didn’t miss a beat — he stated he’d inform Lea to go out of, and then he held their term. During episode 12, he informed Carly that Lea had relocated out — and Lea failed to can be found in the event.

Carly and Shaun nevertheless had some things to the office on, even with Lea relocated away. But because of the episode’s closing, Shaun had proved that Carly had been the girl he desired to be with, additionally the two today appear to be they’re back good destination.

Carly failed to accept of Shaun and Lea residing collectively.

Fans are confused and believe Lea’s character had been suddenly written off  

The conversation between Shaun and Lea about her deviation had been never ever contained in the tv show, despite the fact that it appeared like a significant subplot point. The two was residing collectively for a time and had been friends. And followers took Lea’s move as an indicator that she was written from the tv show. With no conversation between your two, this indicates article authors had been pretty quickly to abandon her personality — and it also left followers perplexed.

“… It’s bizarre how Lea was quickly written off the show,” one user typed in Instagram, as a result to videos of Shaun and Carly. “Her exit was abrupt. I thought when I saw that scene, ‘That’s it? She’s gone just like that?’” someone else responded. “I’m disappointed the writers wrote her off so cut and dry,” another user commented. “Tell me Lea is coming back,” somebody blogged.

Lea 'The Good Doctor'Lea 'The Good Doctor'
Lea ended up being a fundamental element of Shaun’s life. | Jeff Weddell/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

There is no verification on Lea’s return

The writers have actually neither confirmed nor rejected that Lea’s character is cut right out of this tv show, however for an individual who had such an effect on Shaun’s life, this indicates strange that she’d have disappeared therefore rapidly. Fans clearly aren’t delighted in regards to the means her exit played completely, however it’s feasible that it isn’t truly her exit — though perhaps not showing followers the discussion between your two shows that she’s out once and for all. We’ll need to observe how the remainder period plays off to understand whether she’s returning.

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