‘The Hunger Games’ Author, Suzanne Collins, on How She Got the Idea for the Books

by Jeremy Spirogis
Suzanne Collins, author the Hunger Games books, Francis Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson

Whether you’re a fan of the books, the films, or each, it’s virtually inconceivable to consider “The Hunger Games” with out appreciating the thoughts that created the world of Panem. The dystopian story in some way feedback on the spectacle of leisure, the horrors of conflict, sacrifice, survival, and politics multi functional breath. Yet in some way, within the midst of all of it, it additionally manages to be a love story a couple of younger lady studying to be weak for the primary time.

Suzanne Collins, author the Hunger Games books, Francis Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson
Suzanne Collins, Francis Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

How Suzanne Collins bought the thought for ‘The Hunger Games’ books

But simply how did the thought for “The Hunger Games” come about? In an interview with The New York Times, Suzanne Collins, who authored “The Hunger Games” and its sequels “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay,” revealed that she bought the thought for the collection whereas flipping via channels. One evening, Collins discovered herself channel browsing between actuality TV and pictures of the Iraq conflict. Somehow, these easy actions planted a seed in her thoughts and the thought for “The Hunger Games” was born.

Collins knew that Katniss could be a gifted archer

Shortly after Collins had the thought for the books, her foremost protagonist, Katniss Everdeen made herself identified. An picture of Katniss appeared in Collins’ thoughts holding a bow and arrow. It was essential for Collins to make Katniss an archer in order that when she entered into The Hunger Games she already had some expertise with weapons. “A bow and arrow can be handmade, shot from a distance, and weaponized when the story transitions into warfare, Collins shared. “She was a born archer.”

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Though Collins knew proper off the bat that Katniss was meant to be an archer, discovering her title took somewhat extra time and analysis. “The Hunger Games” writer truly found Katniss’ title (in addition to a number of the different characters’ title) when she was studying up about surviving within the wild and what vegetation had been protected for people to eat.

How Katniss bought her distinctive title

“Her name came later, while I was researching survival training and specifically edible plants,” “The Hunger Games” writer shared. “In one of my books, I found the arrowhead plant, and the more I read about it, the more it seemed to reflect her. Its Latin name has the same roots as Sagittarius, the archer. The edible tuber roots she could gather, the arrowhead-shaped leaves were her defense, and the little white blossoms kept it in the tradition of flower names, like Rue and Primrose. I looked at the list of alternative names for it. Swamp Potato. Duck Potato. Katniss easily won the day.”

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Why ‘The Hunger Games’ books are written from Katniss’ perspective

As important as Katniss is to “The Hunger Games”, Collins had no intention of letting the story be solely Katniss’ to share. But, when she began writing, it was clear that it wanted to be instructed from the Mockingjay’s perspective. “I hadn’t intended to write in first person,” Collins shared. “I thought the book would be in the third person like The Underland Chronicles. Then I sat down to work and the first page poured out in first person, like she was saying, ‘Step aside, this is my story to tell.’ So I let her.”

It’s fascinating that one thing so simple as channel browsing was what led to one thing as distinctive and sensible as “The Hunger Games.” But, it simply goes to indicate that inspiration may be discovered virtually anyplace.

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