‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: The Popular Vet’s Children and the Christmas They Won’t Ever Forget

by Jeremy Spirogis
Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol of

Aside from animals, there’s nobody Dr. Pol loves greater than his household: his spouse of over fifty years, Diane; and their kids: Diane, Jr., Charles, and Kathy.

Now on the air on Nat Geo Wild since 2011, The Incredible Dr. Pol exhibits us life on the veterinarian’s Michigan animal clinic, the place it’s by no means not busy. Viewers get to see the doc’s workers, and occasionally, his kids.

Here’s what we learn about Dr. Pol’s youngsters.

Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol of 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'
Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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All of Dr. Pol’s youngsters grew up serving to at their dad’s clinic

Dr. Pol’s three kids – Kathy, Charles, and Diane, Jr. – had been raised to assist out at his apply. Even at its begin, it was a thriving business and all fingers on deck had been essential, because the physician recalled in his memoir, Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow: My Life as a Country Vet.

“Each of our three kids, Kathy, Diane, Jr., and Charles, had been helping out since we opened the practice in our garage,” he wrote.

“Kathy wanted to be a nurse and loved helping with the surgeries,” he continued, “even though she had to stand on a bucket to reach high enough. Charles had been riding with me since he was four years old, so he knew how to be helpful.”

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Dr. Pol has to reply the telephone, even on Christmas Day

In his memoir, Dr. Pol shared the story of 1 Christmas his household by no means forgot, and for good motive. Most households don’t take part in serving to with the troublesome birthing of a calf. It was what the vet known as the one farm name he’ll always remember.

“This was on Christmas Day in the early 1990s,” he wrote. “Charles was about eight years old and the two girls were teenagers. The whole family was home and Diane was planning a special kind of fondue dinner that we all could do together, when the dang phone rang. Okay, the phone rings, you got to answer it, even on Christmas Day.”

“It was a calving, which meant I had to go take care of it. But the farmer wasn’t going to be there to help, so I decided to take my daughter Kathy with me. Charles and my other daughter, Diane Jr., stayed home.”

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The vacation calf birthing that every one of Dr. Pol’s youngsters witnessed

The now 77-year-old physician quickly realized, upon seeing how distressed the cow was, that her scenario wanted all the help he might get.

“When Kathy and I got inside the barn, I examined the cow; that calf inside her was a big one,” he remembered. “There was no way it was coming out the normal way. The only chance that calf had of surviving was for me to do a C-section. . . But it’s not an easy operation and I needed a lot more help than I had. I called Diane on the radio and asked her to bring the kids over.”

Rather than enjoying with toys or sipping sizzling cocoa, the Pols spent a part of their Christmas night as much as their elbows in hay and cow uterus.

“I gave each of my kids a job to do,” Dr. Pol continued. “Charles and Diane Jr. were each holding on to a part of the uterus. That uterus was real big and much too heavy for any one of them to be able to hold up alone.”

“I carefully cut open the cow’s belly, reached in, and took out that calf. It was alive, and once I got it breathing, real curious. The kids were just amazed at this, their eyes couldn’t have been bigger. . .That was the Christmas farm call none of us have ever forgotten.”

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