‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: What Is the Net Worth of Dr. Pol’s Son, Charles?

by Jeremy Spirogis
Left to right: Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol

One of NatGeo WILD’s many effective truth programs, The Incredible Dr. Pol established an innovative new regular for veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol, their family members, and staff.

Left to right: Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol
Left to right: Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol
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At the full time associated with the series’ launch in 2011, Dr. Pol was 69 years together with already been operating their pet center together with his partner, Diane, since 1981. Now at 77, the veterinarian, if any such thing, seems as fit and excited to stay their business as previously.

With the prosperity of The Incredible Dr. Pol, the Netherlands-born veterinarian has actually broadened their training to carry on more veterinarians and merely recently established his or her own type of domestic animal meals.

Which brings us to your creation from it all – Dr. Pol’s extremely very own boy, Charles, a producer from the program. Find out exactly how an indication by Charles first got it all getting into movement.

Charles’ great idea

As the storyline goes, Dr. Pol along with his staff had been taking good care of business at their particular center in Michigan whenever Charles, while working at Nickelodeon during the time, ended up being thunderstruck with a concept.

Dr. Pol told Tribune News Service in 2018, “[Charles] decided to go to movie school in Miami and then decided to go to Hollywood. He stated, ‘We’re here in Hollywood. Let’s make movies!’ But the article writers’ attack had been truth be told there, and filmmakers had been a dime a dozen, and then he ended up being right here for approximately eight to 10 years.”

“Then he had a friend at Nickelodeon and Charles said, ‘If you want to make a reality show, you should make one with my dad. He’s a veterinarian. He does large animals. He’s in the Midwest, and there’s been nothing like that on TV. And he’s a CHARACTER,’ ” Dr. Pol recalled, laughing.

NatGeo WILD said yes

“So the three guys came with a cameraman, so you do it for your son. Who cares?” Dr. Pol proceeded in the discussion with Tribune. “So one week filming they made a four-minute DVD and took it to all the networks.”

Most associated with the sites weren’t interested. “Nat Geo Wild was a new channel, why not? So they came out with a crew of ten, made four episodes and started broadcasting it, and the rest is history,” grins Pol.

The show’s co-executive producer Jonathan Schroder informed NatGeo WILD, “I knew this guy is the kind of guy you can base a television series off of: Loud. Easy with a laugh, easy with a smile,” Schroder stated. “I had more doubts about our ability to keep up with Dr. Pol, and to capture the story because I knew we had the talent.”

Charles Pol’s web worth

Dr. Pol’s boy, Charles’ net worth is $2 million, relating to CelebTattler. He ended up being recently married in January of last year to Beth Oakes, in addition they had their particular very first child in October of just last year.

“My dad is a role model,” claims Charles. “He grew up on a poor farm in the middle of a different country. He worked hard and he built … a veterinary empire here in the middle of Michigan through nothing but his blood, sweat, and tears.”

Clearly, the apple does not fall not even close to the tree, and it also reveals into the popularity of The Incredible Dr. Pol, today with its sixteenth period on NatGeo WILD.

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