‘The King of Staten Island’: Pete Davidson Shares How the Movie Showed Him the Truth About His Father

by Jeremy Spirogis
Pete Davidson firehouse

The King of Staten Island is a semi-autobiographical movie for Pete Davidson. He performs Scott, a person whose firefighter father died in a blaze when he was seven. Davidson misplaced his father when he was seven on 9/11. The lack of his father is one thing Davidson has struggled with and discussed in his standup comedy. He stated making the movie taught him the reality about his father.

Pete Davidson firehouse
L-R: Pete Davidson and Steve Buscemi | Mary Cybulski/Universal Pictures

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Davidson was a visitor on NPR’s Fresh Air Podcast on June 11 discussing The King of Staten Island. The movie is now accessible for lease on all main VOD companies.

Pete Davidson met his father’s colleagues making ‘The King of Staten Island’

Davidson stated a lot of his father’s firefighter colleagues consulted on The King of Staten Island. He acquired to see a distinct facet of his father, simply as Scott discovers within the film.

“We got to be in the firehouse,” Davidson instructed Fresh Air host Terry Gross. “I just got to see the camaraderie and just the friendships and the bonds that these people had with each other. They were brothers and they were going into battle together.”

Pete Davidson’s father forged a shadow over his life

Davidson had rather a lot to course of rising up with out a father. He revealed that the legend of his father was troublesome to stay as much as.

Pete Davidson and Bill BurrPete Davidson and Bill Burr
Pete Davidson and Bill Burr | Mary Cybulski/Universal Pictures

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“When I grew up, I felt this tremendous amount of pressure because I was told from seven, ‘Your dad’s a hero. He’s the greatest. He made the ultimate sacrifice.’ That’s a lot to live up to when you’re young and trying to find yourself. So I always felt a tremendous amount of pressure to match that or top that. How am I ever goingt to do that?”

‘The King of Staten Island’ revealed his father was solely human too

While making The King of Staten Island, Davidson acquired to spend extra time together with his father’s mates and colleagues as consultants and costars. Eventually, Davidson acquired a fuller image of his father.

I talked to his mates in depth about him and came upon he had his points, similar to all people else. He was a little bit of a celebration man and it was the explanation my mother and father acquired divorced. It actually alleviated plenty of that stress off me and it made me understand that though he’s a hero, he does have his faults similar to everybody else. It sort of in a bizarre manner was comforting as a result of it made me really feel okay with my faults. 

Pete Davidson on Fresh Air, 6/11/2020

Davidson nonetheless loves and appears as much as his father. He’s just a bit kinder to himself since making The King of Staten Island.

Pete Davidson and Bel PowleyPete Davidson and Bel Powley
Bel Powley and Pete Davidson | Alison Cohen Rosa/Universal Pictures

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“I just always wanted to make him proud and make my mom and sister proud of me,” Davidson stated. “So being told your dad is this almost untouchable person, it definitely put a lot of stress on me and it made me feel like I could never amount to anything. When I talked to his friends it really helped me feel better about myself and my dad. It’s nice to know htat he was human. It’s nice to know that he was a real person.”

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