‘The Legend of Korra’: Is Korra Stronger Than Aang?

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra arrived on Netflix on Aug. 14. The TV present’s presence on Netflix has rekindled a years-old debate that first started when the present premiered on Nickelodeon in 2012. Is Korra extra highly effective than Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender?

[Spoiler Alert: This article comprises spoilers for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.]

The Legend of Korra
‘The Legend of Korra’ | Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Fans are nonetheless debating this query

If one does a fast search on-line, it’s clear to see that followers have been debating whether or not Korra is stronger than Aang for fairly a while. With each Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra on Netflix now, evidently debate amongst followers has solely strengthened.

“I think Korra is more powerful than Aang physically and probably spiritually as well. It’s hard to compare them since they both accomplished so much as the Avatar and are great at different things. We never see Aang (or Korra) in their primes and it isn’t that fair to judge them against each other when Aang is younger/less experienced. Regardless, Korra’s feats in battle and defeating more threatening enemies are more impressive to me than what Aang did,” one Reddit person proposed.

Another Reddit person disagreed, writing, “Korra is canonically weaker in Avatar form that Aang, due to her losing all the power and experience of the previous Avatars, vs Aang having all of the ones before her.”

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Why followers suppose Aang may very well be stronger than Korra

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang was already a grasp of airbending by the point he was 12 years previous. He was additionally expert at combating and will tackle a number of individuals directly with simply airbending.

Most Avatars don’t study they’re the Avatar till they’re 16 years of age, however Aang was informed when he was 12 years previous due to the rising power of the Fire Nation. While within the Avatar State, he saved himself alive in ice for 100 years. Upon waking up, he then proceeds to study the opposite three components inside a really brief timeframe.

Aang additionally realized energybending at a younger age. He makes use of this newfound energy throughout his combat with Fire Lord Ozai to take Ozai’s firebending away. Aang realized learn how to energybend so he wouldn’t must kill Ozai because it went in opposition to his morals. He is seen utilizing energybending in a flashback in The Legend of Korra when he takes away a bloodbender’s energy.

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When audiences first meet Aang, he has hassle getting into the Avatar State. He may solely achieve this throughout occasions of misery and he didn’t have management over it. By the top of the collection, he has realized learn how to management it. Aang additionally at all times had a robust reference to the Spirit World throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Reasons Korra is stronger than Aang

When audiences meet Korra, she is 16 years previous and has already mastered waterbending, earthbending, and firebending. Aang’s son Tenzin then teaches her airbending throughout the first season. Unlike Aang, Korra is proven to have the ability to get away of a bloodbender’s management with out going into the Avatar State.

While Korra always struggled together with her non secular aspect in The Legend of Korra, she nonetheless confirmed outstanding power with it. At the top of Season 2, she unlocks the flexibility to change into a spirit titan even after shedding her connection to previous Avatars.

Korra turns into expert at metalbending and therapeutic, each uncommon types of earthbending and waterbending. Even with out bending, Korra possesses quite a lot of uncooked power.

In Season three of The Legend of Korra, a villain named Zaheer poisons Korra in an try to pressure her into the Avatar State to kill her. He ended up underestimating Korra, and he or she is in a position to withstand going into the Avatar State lengthy sufficient to outlive.

Who is extra highly effective?

With each Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, followers don’t see Aang or Korra attain their full potential. Instead, they see the 2 characters overcome their weaknesses as they study to be the Avatar.

In some methods, Aang and Korra are enhances of the opposite, and what one excelled on the different struggled with. However, while you examine their ages, ability units, and the villains they confronted throughout their seasons, Korra comes throughout as stronger and extra highly effective than Aang.

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