The lungs get these advantages from common train

by Jeremy Spirogis
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First motion of solar salutation
In this, whereas filling the breath, slowly transfer each arms backwards and whereas stopping on this posture, breathe and exhale 8-10 instances. Then breathe straighten up. Do this 5-7 instances. The stomach, ribs, lungs and the groin elements are benefited. Immunity will increase.

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                 Take out the tongue whereas taking a deep breath. Open the eyes and mouth utterly and make a sound like a roar of a lion. Then breathe by way of your nostril. Do it 8-10 instances. Purification and effectivity of respiration tubes will increase. There is profit in thyroid, voice can also be good.
Sixth motion of Surya Namaskar
Lie down in your abdomen after which elevate the top whereas filling the breath. In this case, attempt to keep for 9-10 breaths. Then respiration turns into regular. This will increase the effectivity of the lungs, benefiting the muscle mass from the waist to the neck.
Palm tree
Take a protracted breath. Move the arms upwards whereas inflating the chest and stomach. Then elevate the ft of the ft upwards. Stay on this posture for about 8-10 breaths. Do this 5-7 instances. This will increase lung capability. Respiratory cells open and immunity will increase.
Sun-piercing pranayama
Close the left nostril by sitting within the image, then breathe by way of the precise nostril. Swell the abdomen and chest. Try to cease the breath as a lot as doable. Then slowly exhale by way of the identical nostril. Do this 10-15 instances. Immunity and digestion could be good. Do not do BP sufferers.
Dr. Pradeep Bhati, International Okido Yoga Specialist, Jaipur

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