The Must-Haves Giada De Laurentiis Always Keeps in Her Fridge

by Jeremy Spirogis
Giada De Laurentiis

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis likes to cook dinner with a wide range of objects in her Italian kitchen, however there are only a few that she relies on having in her fridge always.

Giada De Laurentiis
Giada De Laurentiis | Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images for NYCWFF

She loves preserving contemporary fruit and greens, in fact, for herself and her daughter, Jade.

But there are particular objects that must be within the fridge for the De Laurentiis family to maneuver alongside easily every day.

Dark chocolate

The skilled chef likes to maintain chocolate in her fridge or freezer. For her, it permits the deal with to develop into a slowly loved delicacy that, as a substitute of being wolfed up, will be savored as a substitute.

“I love any kind of frozen chocolate chip,” she informed Canadian Living in 2014, “basically I keep my chocolate in the freezer because it takes longer for it to melt so I can eat less and enjoy it more.”

“I love chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate-covered almonds and chocolate-covered cranberries and lastly…. Junior Mints… frozen.”

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

The Roman-born De Laurentiis insists as nicely on having a wheel of good-quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese within the fridge always. This crumbly, nutty, and salty-sweet cheese is an ideal accompaniment in all the things from salads to roasted greens to rooster Parmesan.

De Laurentiis herself enjoys utilizing one thing too many individuals throw away – the rind of the cheese – to make an extremely flavorful broth, Parmesan Brodo. Slow simmered all day, this broth is well worth the wait.

As the 49-year-old said on her web site, Giadzy, “This flavorful broth takes tons of dishes to the next level, from stews and soups to risotto and more. Use this broth in place of vegetable or chicken stock in any recipe that could use the oomph of umami Parmigiano flavor. You can request for just parmigiano rinds at cheese counters in grocery stores – or just stock up on your own and freeze them!”

Tooth whitener

De Laurentiis has shared that she discovered self-care by watching the ladies in her life take care of themselves. “My mom was very good about self-care, my grandmother was very good about self-care,” she mentioned at Creative Culture’s Self-Care Summit in Los Angeles in July 2019. “I watched them, and I became very diligent at a very young age about taking care of my skin, using sunscreen and just keeping it healthy all the time.”

Part of her self-care is tending to her sensible smile. And so she retains her tooth whitener within the fridge as nicely. The movie star chef has a massively well-known smile and works onerous to maintain her pearly whites beaming.

In reality, whereas she was studying to be a tv chef, De Laurentiis’ producer, Irene Wong, taught her to smile via each burn, the lifting of each heavy kitchen merchandise, and as she tasted meals all through every episode.

That type of fixed smiling required further take care of her tooth. She defined to Bon Appetit in 2016 why she retains her tooth whitener within the fridge.

“The cool temperature makes it last longer. My dentist told me they can lose their potency with the fluctuations in room temperatures.”

It’s clearly working for her, so it really works for us!

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