‘The Office’: Fans’ Biggest Complaint About Jim and Pam Was Solved With a Plot Twist Everyone Hated

by Jeremy Spirogis
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert and Jenna Fischer as Pam Halpert on

Fans of The Office liked Jim and Pam’s will-they-won’t-they vibe and had been thrilled when the 2 lastly received collectively, had an epic marriage ceremony, and settled into married life. They additionally thought the couple began to get boring, so the present’s writers got here up with a intelligent plot twist to introduce just a bit little bit of “angst” again into the connection.

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert and Jenna Fischer as Pam Halpert on 'The Office'
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert and Jenna Fischer as Pam Halpert on ‘The Office’ | Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal through Getty Images

Jim and Pam lastly received collectively

Viewers watched Jim and Pam’s flirty workplace chemistry climate loads of misses — firstly, Pam was engaged and when she and her fiancé broke up, Jim was courting Karen. The timing wasn’t fairly proper however followers held out hope that these soulmates would lastly get collectively. And then they did.

It was satisfying to see the couple come collectively, navigate some highs and lows, and get married. Fans rely Jim and Pam’s marriage ceremony amongst their favourite episodes, as the 2 secretly left their deliberate church marriage ceremony and received married on the Maid of the Mist boat in Niagara Falls earlier than returning to the church.

Numerous care went into creating Jim and Pam’s story

During the July 28 episode of An Oral History of The Office, host Brian Baumgartner discussed Jim and Pam’s relationship with actor Jenna Fischer, who performed Pam.

The characters’ trajectory concerned a whole lot of discussions about “how to play the relationship just right” and Fischer admitted, “John and I would fight hard for what we believed in. We were usually on the same page with Jim and Pam, we had like a singular mind when it came to Jim and Pam, for the most part.”

“There was often one Jim/Pam moment per episode and it was either where they’re going to connect in some super special swoony way or they’re going to misstep in some way where one of them gets their feelings hurt,” she added. “And there was this very fine line that we had to walk all the time.”

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Fans thought Jim and Pam’s story was getting stale

At a sure level, nonetheless, followers weren’t discovering Jim and Pam all that thrilling, so the present’s writers introduced in a little bit of “angst” to shake issues up once more.

In a 2013 interview with Fast Company, The Office‘s govt producer Greg Daniels discussed how they developed a plot twist to treatment a giant fan grievance about Jim and Pam. They broke the fourth wall and created the opportunity of a love triangle.

Daniels defined, “there are people who in season eight were like, ‘They’re so boring. They just hang out together and there’s no angst. We used to love the angst with their relationship.’”

The writers offered a stumbling block for Jim and Pam in season 9, when Jim works in Philadelphia and misses his daughter’s ballet recital. During the recital, Pam will get a cellphone name and isn’t capable of file their daughter, prompting her and Jim to later get into an enormous battle. Pam breaks down crying and the increase operator from the documentary crew, Brian, steps into the shot to consolation her. It’s the primary time anybody from the documentary crew is seen.

“What if that character had been secretly there the entire time and predated the relationship with Jim and had been a shoulder that she cried on for years?,” Daniels defined.

It was additionally a transfer that followers didn’t universally love, nonetheless. “They never did anything,” Daniels famous. “It was just to introduce worry in the audience, which I think happened.”

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