‘The Office’: Fans Have An Interesting Theory About Robert California

by Jeremy Spirogis
The Office

The enigmatic Robert California (James Spader) breezed onto the set of The Office for a one-season character arc. Although his presence didn’t detract from Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) absence, he did depart a number of unanswered questions. Fans have a principle as to what occurred to the overly-confident fill-in.

Robert California’s stint on ‘The Office’ shook issues up

The Office
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, James Spader as Robert California, Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone | Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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In season eight of The Office, James Spader burst onto the scene with a contemporary tackle administration via his alter-ego, Robert California. To kick issues off, Robert handed up the department job in trade for Sabre CEO Jo Bennett’s (Kathy Bates) place.

Once Robert put Andy Bernard (Ed Holmes) in control of the Scranton, Pennsylvania department, Robert utilized his time organizing the workers right into a “winners” and “losers” listing. This is the epitome of Robert’s pervasive methods which terrified and intrigued some, in comparison with that of beforehand aloof Michael Scott (Carell).

Throughout 25 episodes, Spader’s performances cemented themselves into The Office historical past. Showrunners mentioned in a number of interviews that Spader’s placement was solely meant to be a one-off.

“I never really considered whether I would do more [episodes],” Spader informed Digital Spy. “Then, suddenly [the producers] called me back again and said, ‘We’d really like your character to come back in some capacity.’”

Robert California left his place after CEO, David Wallace (Andy Buckley), introduced Robert would transition into a brand new function, working with a charity that helped college-aged gymnasts in creating nations on their paths to school. The enterprise would take three years, which marked Spader’s completion as a “guest star” on the sitcom.

Here’s what followers say about Robert California’s true id

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Some followers of The Office assume Robert California is definitely an alias of Raymond “Red” Reddington” on NBC’s The Blacklist. Before brushing it off, there are a number of factors which may validate the idea.

Robert California used a number of names comparable to “Bob Kazamakis” and “The Lizard King.” That lends itself to the idea primarily based on the truth that Red — an FBI Most Wanted prison — poses as completely different individuals as wanted.

Multiple Reddit threads level to Robert as the start of Red, and the sentiment continues on Twitter.

“I simply think about that Reddington is definitely Robert California after he leaves Dunder Mifflin as “Bob Kazamakis”… This makes The Blacklist 100x higher,” one fan tweeted.

“OK however Robert California left Dunder Mifflin and grow to be Raymond Reddington in Blacklist and that’s the reality,” one other added.

“Robert California was the best alias Raymond Reddington had,” this viewer mentioned.

And lastly, one other fan gave an intensive clarification of the connection.

“A regular reminder regarding a peculiar time at the DM Scranton branch: Robert California was absolutely a cover for Raymond Reddington while he was building a sector of his international crime empire within the lucrative and corrupt paper distribution industry to protect Liz,” the fan tweeted.

How probably is the idea?

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If that’s not sufficient proof connecting the 2 roles of Spader, there’s extra. Spader’s first appearence in The Office is titled “The List,” very like how he retains monitor of doubtful criminals by way of The Blacklist.

Another level, as made by a brilliant fan, connects the 2 worlds with a backstory and all.

He’s a prison who has been travelling world wide stealing, killing, kidnapping and all different prison actions. Until sooner or later, he walks into the FBI constructing and offers himself over. He has a blacklist with names of different criminals he desires to eliminate. With the assistance of the FBI he’s capable of forestall these criminals from committing extra crimes.

But why did he stroll within the FBI constructing? Why did he give himself over? Was it as a result of his firm obtained purchased out by a dude identify David Wallace? Is it as a result of his spouse divorced him?

Maybe Robert California used his Sabre and Dunder Mifflin journey to cowl up his prison historical past and launder his cash. But when all the pieces failed and he didn’t have a job anymore, he modifies his identify to Bob Kazamakis and says that he’s going to do charity work in Brazil.

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There’s no concrete proof that that is true. Considering The Office and The Blacklist are each NBC exhibits and each welcomed Spader. It’s not past the realm of chance. In Red’s world, something is feasible.

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